7 ways to keep love strong (and your relationship happy)

Romantic relationships require maintenance, advises behavioral psychologist, Dr Helgo Schomer. Here are some invaluable tips.

Relationships are a beautiful thing but require work and investment.

Partners need to show effort and initiative in order to have a successful relationship, explains behavioral psychologist Dr. Helgo Schomer.

Dr. Schomer advises that couples should appreciate their relationship more and put in the time and effort needed to make it sustainable.

He adds that it is important for partners to meet each other halfway and reciprocate displays of commitment.

Reciprocation; give and take is essential.

Dr Helgo Schomer, behavioural psychologist


According to Dr. Schomer, these tips will help keep your relationship happy and healthy:

  • don’t take the relationship for granted
  • make a special effort and put the relationship first
  • seek to meet the other person’s needs
  • know when or when not to change (stay adaptable and flexible)
  • be in love for love, not to make up for your deficiencies
  • love each other, not the idealization of each other
  • tolerate what you cannot change

Take a listen to his invaluable advice:



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