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In 2009 Global Employment Trends by the International Labor Organization (ILO) has revealed that the number of unemployed aged between 15 and 24 years has risen in by 15%, i.e. from 74 million to 85% in the last decade, thereby causing one third of the world’s youths to remain unemployed.

Recently in Ghana, there has been an increasing effort in capacity building for entrepreneurs, efforts by His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo administration is on the rise and support for entrepreneurs in this era has remained very consistent dating back to previous government reforms.

In Ghana, at a quick glance you see beads all over, have you asked why? One of the most common entrepreneurial jobs you can easily find around is beading. The secrets and benefits of pursuing this is worth venturing. As population increases existing jobs in both governmental and private has to increase, thought of why we have nurses flooding the streets claiming they need posting? One factor is population increase.

To start a beading business, a seed capital of two hundred Ghana cedis (GH₵200)  can start a fashion accessories business, upon in –depth probing on this subject with Ms. Abigail Sarpong a beading accessories expert, it was realized many youth associating themselves with unemployment association have looked so long with hopelessness from time memorial and if they could venture into beading their time will pay a great dividend, notwithstanding the situation of unemployment becoming a global issue it’s time for  the youth to take their own future into their hands.

It is experienced that with GH ₵200 cedis you can make one hundred and fifty percent and more if you could source your materials well and being creative with what you buy in a raw state.  Ms. Abigail Sarpong mentions if you could end up transforming the materials you purchased to a likable product for your target market then your consumer could fetch you other customers for free. Besides she mentioned avenues for basic training being YouTube Channel, one can learn how to make a beaded purchasable product in less than fifteen minutes.

Beading has remained a cultural aspect of Ghana for so long yet in this era it’s a sprouting business of the day. According to a field study at length the common business you find the youth pursue is beading, it is observed that at the comfort of your home and with the help of social media you are good to go, even government workers who are supposed to have been occupied either their assignments on the job are found beading basic fashion accessories items such as “shamballa” or call it wrist bands with customized names of their clients, what’s actually is in beading as a business? Perhaps nobody will do a business unprofitable for years.

All said, there’s a myth about beading known to be that its female centric yet we see in Ghana men from Mali with interests in beading as a business, these men are called here in Ghana “Abochi”, interestingly, it’s exciting to know that the very part where most people hold the myth centered being waist beads for women should not be a legitimate business for the males, we see men from Mali trade more. What more lessons could the “Abochi” teach Ghanaian men about this myth relating it to business?

For a decade now beading has soared greatly in Ghana and training schools in Ghana only for beading are on the rise. For some who got involved in beading and it’s become one strong income stream for livelihood feeding families with brand names like Aphia Sackyi, Pearl X, Adubea Jen Jenson, Selina Bebb just mentioning few with international recognition to the extreme, a country like Ghana should not only pride itself with cocoa, timber, bauxite and the others but today, bead making.

The Eastern region of Ghana basically the Krobo’s have been noted to be consistent in the manufacture of local beads, other manufacturing sources are from China, Korea, Japan, India, Czech with China being dominant in Ghana. In Accra: Makola and Agbogbloshie are reserves to find varieties of beads if you want to enquire, source and make purchase.

Perhaps you have a brother, sister or a loved one who after graduating the university or technical university hunting for job, look no further, beading is right near your corner making millions rich

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