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Invest in Gospel artistes – Akesse Brempong to churches

The church is considered the most important “customer” or beneficiary of Gospel music, but contemporary Gospel artist, Akesse Brempong, believes it is not doing enough to support the industry.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz about the challenges of contemporary Gospel music recently, Akesse Brempong said he admired how churches in Nigeria, especially Christ Embassy, ​​had discovered and invested in many Gospel artists and that they had become globally popular figures.

“It is time for more support from the Church in Ghana, including investing in gospel artists. We have seen what Christ Embassy has made of his record label Love World, which has produced some of the most sought after musicians in Africa.

“Sinach, Frank Edwards, Ada, Eben and Buchi are just a few of the big names made possible by Pastor Chris’s Christ Embassy and the record label Love World. If Ghanaian churches were to imitate this, I believe contemporary Gospel music from Ghana would rise, “he said.

Akesse Brempong also spoke about the financial demands of producing music and said that allegations that Gospel music became too commercial were unfair because it also “ran on the wheels of money”.

“As long as Gospel musicians pay huge sums of money to record music and give concerts, Gospel music, like any other art form, must be commercial at certain levels,” he said.

Akesse Brempong, profiled as a songwriter, worship leader, recording artist, music director and preacher of the gospel, is undoubtedly one of the popular names in contemporary Gospel music circles.

His first single, Crazy Love, was released in 2013 and he has since released a number of songs, including Roar, Biribiara, Alright, Nobody Like You, Love So Real, Holy and I Will Say.

The No Weed artist tends to Reggae with his music and he told Graphic Showbiz that he did not believe that a music form or genre was bad, and explained that “music, like any other art form, can be channeled positively or negatively and my goal is to use music to serve a positive purpose. ”

About the growth of the sector, Akesse Brempong noted that contemporary gospel music had received much public attention in recent years, which was not the case before.

According to him, the musicians were previously not media-friendly because most of them thrived on controversies, but the situation has changed due to the popularity of social media that has created a huge platform for them to publish their works.

That publicity has generated loyal followers for contemporary Gospel artists; but despite the large number of followers, Akesse Brempong, who has shared the stage with international gospel stars such as Fred Hammond, Nathaniel Bassey, Ntokozo Mbambo and Nkobeko Mbatha, said the industry still had no business support.

“Ghana’s support over the years has been terrible, although contemporary Gospel musicians have many followers and organize many social events.

“Of course there are some brands that may not be in a good position to sponsor a gospel event because of religious perspectives and positions, but those who can’t, maybe for fear of religious tags,” he said.

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