A twenty six year old secondary school graduate, native of Awka, capital of Anambra state has etched his name in the Inventor’s Hall of Fame by developing a generator which is powered by WATER instead of “petrol or diesel!” Further investigation reveals that Emeka had, prior to this feat invented another machine that does not only convert waste, nylon to petrol and diesel but also converts same into tiles and roofing sheets.
At this age when Nigerian youths frolic in bars, guzzling liters of beer and spirits, at this age when 90% of Nigerian youths resident in cities spend all their productive hours ogling at naked toads while being treated to soft pornography on BBNaija, Emaka’s invention comes as a breath of fresh air sweeping away the odoriferous effluvium that has asphyxiated and choked us for years.
After a reporter from CHANNELS TV who went to Awka to confirm and verify the whirlwind story, I saw some Doctors and Professors of engineering vainly trying to explicate what Emeka has achieved. Doctors and Professors of engineering without an invention to their academic names. A society which places more premium on paper qualification than to practical application is akin to a rock dwelling, fruit gathering hunter society.
It must be put on record that this invention had defied all the attempts of the buffs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) arguably the best institute of technology on earth. Researchers and engineers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) had battled with it without any success. Yet, our own Thomas Edison fabricated the machine from scraps sourced from refuse heaps! Emeka is like Thomas Edison who had more than 30 patents to his name without attending any conventional schooling. So much for rubbish paper qualification! And the genius made a practical demonstration by powering an entire household with light!!
Banks and other firms should be falling over themselves to bankroll this feat but no, they would rather stealthily sponsor BBNaija where the winner goes home with #45million .
For a country that perpetually lives in darkness like a bat, one would have thought that such inventions would automatically attract the attention of the federal ministry of science and technology but no, we would rather start with making toothpicks and pencils first!! What monstrous absurdity!
My fear now is that I hope those white people will not clone his work before he even patents it.

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