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Ghanaian gospel musicians create new music genre

There are now over 1,700 sub-genres of music afters the proliferation in the 20th century.

New sub-genres are usually based on existing ones and created by mixing or modifying them, just like the lastest music genre, gospop

After creating our own music genres, highlife and hiplife, a new sub-genre has been created, its GOSPOP

GOSPOP combines element of pop, hiphop, African Popular Music, hiplife with vocals being calm or soft often over hiphop beats. Its a gospel music, content should be gospel, motivational or inspirational.

Gospop is what most call urban gospel. Already urban gospel musicians, from the likes of Preachers, Nerox, Cwesi Oteng, The Township, Tresh all have started branding themselves as gospop musicians.

What Is A Music Genre?

A genre is a way to categorize music according to a particular set of conventions or traditions

Keep in mind that music genres often overlap, just like GOSPOP.


Preachers and Nero X are the originators of Gospop, Celebritieskasa.com noticed.

Source: celebritieskasa.com

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