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Beef Jay-Z and Cardi B instead Obed to Ghanaian rappers

I am only praying that as you keep encouraging them to go at each other when it goes sideways, you would not blame the whole country for looking on. Don’t tell me about rap culture nonsense, this how the big boys nurtured the dance hall culture until the unfortunate happened. When a “brand” wants to outshine another there are ways it’s done. Learn from how the correct brands do it; quality of products, brand new products, CSR etcetera. Even when they take swipes at each other in ads, it’s subtle.

When you tell the whole world about your problems, don’t turn around and blame them for not supporting the industry. Please, people, who have money to invest are looking at longevity and relevance over time because this music business is a long term business.

You tell me that’s what makes them sell, well I know all about that but for how long would you continue to beef and insult each other.
Your targets are too small if beefing is what would bring the cash. I beg start beefing Jay-z and Cardi b assuming beefing is what your researchers told you would bring the money.

Is this what we need to push this music business out there? You want to go international yet everything you do point in the opposite direction.
Insulting a person is definitely not the way to show you are better.
You are a musician get your team and organize concerts across Ghana, by the time you finish figuring that out, you would come to the realization that you don’t have time for needless insults and attacks.

As humans, we get angry at each other from time to time but please remember you are the “product”, not the tracks your release.
I don’t usually get into these issues but lessons learned from the issue in court which started this way but we watch it snowball and the negative shadow it cast on us, is what has pushed me to draw our minds to these happens. Ask Around

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