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The cameroon music industry is ran by corporations who have no interest in the future of the industry. MTN, Orange et all are simply using the music to sell their products not develop the industry but if you do your research you will see that all the major acts have only gotten this big because these corporations played some role in their careers.

This sounds like good news but it’s bad. We are in the begging position. And you know how beggars get treated in any business environment. Do you know in like say the past 10-15 years only 3 artists have dared to organize their own events? Solely without any corporate intervention? Despite their enormous popularity and fan base? That’s the poorest stats you will hear in any music industry the world over!

The problem with this industry is there’s no growth! When Tenor and Locko got signed with Universal I was so happy because in my mind they will now go to face the world and their spaces on the billboards will need to be filled by some other artist who might leave a space that I may be able to fill in. In that light we are all growing but nope! It didn’t turn out that way. We are all stuck in our same shoes.

This is the maths that’s keeping me in showbiz. Someday if I can have just 1000 super fans who can spend say 2000 – 4000 frs a year on my music, imagine how much I can make in 3-4 yrs. Imagine artist like Mr. Leo or Blanche Bailey who have hundreds of thousands of fans. Imagine their potential for wealth! But I strongly believe artist don’t pay attention to these details.

We don’t pay attention on making our career work ourselves we just want to wait for the big corporations to call us up for shows and pay us what they have to offer. Thus our potential fan bases are never groomed into the habit of supporting their artist from the heart, after all MTN will do it right? As long as we have our hands out in a begging position to these corporations, our industry will forever remain fucked. I am not saying they are bad though but they shouldn’t be the primary source of an artist yearly Income. They should be Secondary!

We have to create the right demand for our music. We have to create the right set of fans. If we don’t do this we will always find a situation where we have 1000 artists and only 4 are eating well. So where do we start?

First off, we have to communally understand the difficulties we face. And I mean “we” all the artist. We also have to understand that this government has no intention of making sure that our lives get better. Also that these corporations are not there to help us to success but to reap of our success! That’s why only the top 5 get their attention.

So it’s us against the world! But we also have to know that there’s still a lot of potential to make a whole lot of money! The market is still highly unexploited. We have to think out of the boxes we are in. Take an example if a buea artist was smart enough he might not even need to leave town to douala. Only the residents in buea can drive his career.

There are over 3 million people in buea (just guessing) at least 100, 000 like music at least 10,000 may want to buy your music. At least 2000 will buy per year. It’s not impossible! They spend that money all the time in the bars. Why? Because it’s an already formed “spending habit” If you create that same spending habits with your music you’ll never have to worry about MTN or Orange ever. Same goes to Limbe and Bamenda and Kumba artist! Now imagine we we have 4 artists in these zones who have fan bases with these spending habits. And they come together and say let’s do a tour together.

I’ll take you to my city and you’ll take me to your city. And on the long run the buea artist gets like say 3 more thousands of people from these other cities and vice versa. And all these artist can claim of say 5000 fans only who have these “spending habits”? Imagine that.

Artist have to come together and fight for these outcomes. That unity needs to be there! If not, well let’s just keep fighting each other on social media as we are doing! #Micdrop


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