Ghana: Why every tourist must visit the gem of West Africa

With a growing population of over 25 million people, Ghana has become West Africa’s tourist hub for vacation takers around the world.

With a huge variety of places to explore, friendly locals, and few tourists, Ghana is a true West African gem.

It hasn’t yet been touched by mass tourism, but this small West African country has beautiful beaches, lively cities, and an amazing culture.

As a tourist, Ghana is a country that you should consider for your next travel destination. A variety of reasons exist but we will be looking at a handful of them.

Ghanaians are Very Hospitable and Polite

Ghanaians will reveive you with all the warmth and love

Ghanaians will receive you with all the warmth and love. CREDIT: Laure Wanders

“Akwaaba” meaning welcome, is an expression you’ll hear all the time in Ghana. Ghanaians are very friendly and warm people who will welcome you into their country with open arms. It’s common to exchange phone numbers after a first meeting and you can expect a message or call later just to ask you how you’re doing. You’re sure to make tons of new friends. And people will always be happy to help you. The locals are always happy when a foreigner is able to learn a few words in Twi, a widely spoken dialect.

Aside from being hospitable, Ghanaians are very respectful. As a tourist or foreigner, you’ll mostly be treated with the utmost respect by the locals.

Ghana Has Amazing Rich History

Ghana has some of the most wonderfully preserved history on the African continent. Want to know about how Ghana inherited its name? The glorious path taken by its forebears and the role it played in the colonial era blazing the path for independence for African countries are among facts preserved in Ghana’s archives, museums, forts and castles dotted along the coast and mainland in several parts of the country.

Want to know about wars fought to preserve ancient relics for posterity and how slaves were forced on ships and taken away from their homeland? These are facts stored in time and you’re sure to enjoy every bit of it.

Diversity in Tourism

Boti Falls is one of the most visited falls in Ghana

Boti Falls is one of the most visited falls in Ghana

Beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rainforest, wildlife, and cities – just you name them! Ghana is an incredibly varied country that has something beautiful to offer to everyone. Whether you want to spend the day at the beach, swim in West Africa’s highest waterfall, go on a safari, climb Ghana’s highest mountain or explore a new city. It’s a country that will allow you to go on all different types of adventures.

Although Accra is the country’s capital, every part of the country has as much in store for any quest-seeking traveller. Mole National Park in Larabanga, Nzulezu Stilt Settlement, Trade Pilgrimage Routes of North-Western Ghana, and Kakum National Park are some of the most interesting sites no tourist would ever want to miss.

Variety of Irresistible Foods Abound in Ghana

Food remains one of the many reasons why people spend their hard earned money on vacations. This is to experiment with the culinary dexterity of their host country. Ghana has a rich cultural blend of both exotic and non-exotic dishes that will leave you salivating for more.

The local dish, ‘Jollof,’ has made a name for itself in Ghana and other countries. It is a must-try food when you visit Ghana.

It’s Safe in Ghana

Although there are dangerous places in Africa as it is everywhere, the entire continent isn’t dangerous. Ghana is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in Africa, and visitors rarely have any problems travelling to Ghana.

Unlike many countries, Ghana does not present grave safety concerns. Crime rates are very low. Tourists are able to commute around freely without facing any form of intimidation from locals. However, make sure to take conscious precautions as this will keep you safe. And foreigners are advised not to walk alone in dark places at night.

Ghana is Full of Cultural Experiences

Cultural Dancers performing the Adowa dance at a function in Ghana

Cultural Dancers performing the Adowa dance at a function in Ghana

There are about six major ethnic groups in Ghana. Each ethnic group has its own dialect. Life in the southern part of the country is somewhat completely different from life in the northern part. But one thing is certain; you’ll be able to interact with the locals anywhere. Also, you’ll learn more about pottery, cloth weaving, traditional African music and dances, among others.

Vibrant Night Life

Ghana has an amazing nightlife experience. Cities like Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, and Takoradi are your best bet as a tourist to have fun after dusk. These cities comprise of several hangout joints, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs.

If you are a fan of live performances, you may want to try one of the numerous ‘Happy Hour’ joints where mini-concerts are held on weekends. You are better of going easy on locally brewed alcohol while on vacation in Ghana.

Now, you know why you should pack your things, acquire your visa (if you need one), and book the next available flight to Ghana. Our practical guide on how to easily save money for any vacation should help you save for your trip to Ghana.

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