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I am sorry but the appointed leadership of the creative arts council are clueless – George Bosompim

Sleepless nights of late. I am worried about the creative industries (what we refer to as creative arts) Never in the history of our country since the 1980s have we gained prominence in the scheme of governance.

And what are we doing with the opportunity granted us?We are partying?P R gimmicks to pretend we are working?

I am sorry but the appointed leadership of the creative arts council are clueless. You don’t have a law to govern your existence and all you do is party?

Development and classification of film (Act 2016) Act 935 have been waiting for implementation since November, 2016, and the creative arts council thinks it’s time to party?

I think the leadership need education. Government agencies are to facilitate implementation of policies .

This is basic. Question is , does the leadership of the Creative arts Council understand policy? A few months ago the Ministry of Tourisms Arts and Culture set up a committee to review the Cultural policy of Ghana. The committee was made up of eminent cultural practitioners and people of related domains from the arts. It was chaired by Prof. George P.Hagan, They had a well laid out plan of work, including presentation of papers by Prof. Kofi Agyekum on the role of linguistics in our cultural space, They were to engage stakeholders nationwide yet the committee was struggling to even provide water for members at meetings when they begun.

Members were so committed, the zeal and energy pumped into it was so amazing, 6 meetings after, things have stalled. My question to our ministry is, where lies our priority? Do we prefer partying to policy and building strong institutions for national development? Do we understand what it does to the psych of people who really devote their time , energy and intellect to help shape policy in this country? It’s sad, When can we prioritize the needful?

Have we done needs assessment for the Creative industries? Why are we organising events that have no meaning to those we are doing it for? How tangible are these events and how does it transform the industry? Or are we happy with the P R gimmicks it comes with? The last time I checked the Kumasi event was a total flop.

Please Creative arts council, can you work on the formation of the National film Authority (Act 935) and the Creative arts bill? Then you can enquire about the cultural policy review commitee. These are concrete things the industry want to see. I hope this reach you before you begin your keep fit/military bonding master class in the Achiase jungle.God bless Ghana with the vision to transcend all these.

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