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After 6 years of music, over 40 songs, here are MzVee’s best 10

Sensational singer MzVee is one of the female artistes in the country who has managed to cement her name in the hearts of many.

MzVee was first heard of in 2012 as the lead singer for the Lynx Entertainment girl group D3 after the release of their single “Good Girl Gone Bad”.

In 2013, the young artiste launched her solo career after she said goodbye to her girls. A good thing, if you think about it. She has not failed to serve Ghanaians the best of music since.

MzVee was well received by Ghanaians after her hit singles, ‘Borkor Borkor’ featuring Zeal of VVIP and ‘Natural Girl’ with Stonebwoy came out.

She has successfully incorporated Afro Pop, Highlife, RnB and Dancehall into her music.

The continuous progress after her solo career was launched won her the ‘Unsung Artiste Award’ at the 2014 Ghana Music Awards.

In June 2015, she earned a spot on the nomination list of BET’s ‘Best International New Artist’ category. She won the ‘Best Female Vocalist of the Year’ at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The numerous nominations and awards won clearly show the young artiste was ready to take Ghanaians on a long, wonderful, inspiring and amazing journey with her strong vocals and unique style.

From ‘Borkor Borkor’ to ‘Daavi’, it is evident the singer has grown to adjust to the changing demands of music lovers and the constant changes in music and music genres.

The singer has three albums to her credit. ‘Ree-Vee-Lation’ was released in 2014, ‘Verified’ in 2015 and ‘Daavi’ in 2017.

MzVee has been missing from the music scene since September 2018 and Ghanaians are missing her and more of the amazing music she delivers.

Thank God for streaming sites like Youtube, Ghanaians have easy access to her songs.

Below are 10 of her best works based on the most viewed on YouTube

1. ‘Sing My Name’ featuring Patoranking

This 2017 release from MzVee was the talk of town. The singer in this song talked about giving her heart and soul to her man and making her territory.

MzVee since the beginning of her career has managed to keep her private life out of the public eye.

However, with lyrics like “tell them girls I’m your girlie o. I give you my heart and soul, your bar overload, are you ready, ready, ago make you sing my name,” she got people wondering where the man she wanted to sing her name was.

‘Sing My Name’ although caught more with the youth, had lyrics from Highlife artiste Kofi Nti’s ‘Odo Nwom’ produced by the talented Appietus.

The singer chose to add the lyrics “?b? me din b? me din, sweetie pie pie, ?noa n’a ekumi oo,” meaning he calls me sweetie pie pie and it kills me, for her song.

You have to admit, artiste from the 2000s and the 1990s had a way with words. They ended up melting the hearts of listeners with their works.

Hence, it is refreshing to see young artistes appreciate the works of the ones before them and make an effort to keep old works alive through their music.

In December 2017, ‘Sing My Name’ caught fire after MzVee released a remix with multiple award-winning artiste Patoranking.

The video for this song had over 12 million views on YouTube.

“Sing My Name,” however was first released as a solo. The director created a video by putting together videos of fans singing the song. It had D Black, KiDi, Efya, Yvonne Okoro and some other celebrities.

2. Come and See My Moda featuring Yemi Alade

In recent times when two individuals decide to give relationship a try, they go ahead and only break the news to their family when they are ready to move forward.

MzVee’s ‘Come and See my Moda’, however, presents a lady who insists the guy pursuing her should see her mother before they go ahead with the relationship.

Interesting, creative and the message is something you hardly come across in our society today. The video for this song has 7.1million views on YouTube.

3. Bend Down featuring Kuami Eugene

‘Bend Down’ was the last song released by MzVee in 2018. This song is literally all about dancing and letting go of all your stress through the dance.

“Feeling good, feel alright come and shake body, oh yeah. No matter what, we ‘dey’ here oh. Now come dance to the beat, bend down, bend down,” it is impossible not to dance to the song.

‘Bend Down’ is one of the songs that rule the dancefloor Rocky Dawuni talked about in his song ‘African Thriller’.

The video has accumulated about 2.8 million views on YouTube and still counting.

4. I Don’t Know

The beat of the song has a refreshing vibe to it, one cannot help but get caught up in the feeling.

MzVee in this song put to words the feeling of people who, regardless of the warnings of their family, still go ahead to date someone.

She explains in the song, there are times many of those who feel they have found their greatest love and do not want to let go.

Most times, they do not know why they are so in love and it does not matter what anyone says.

5. Rewind featuring Kuami Eugene

One thing that MzVee has shown that she is really good at from the genesis of her career is dancing and ‘Rewind’ only goes forth to prove it.

“Me I go wine, I go wine I go dance, I go move to the beat oo I swear,” she had said and truthfully, she did not disappoint. The choreography in the video was amazing.

Kuami Eugene also brought his A game, vocally and artistically.

On the dancefloor, the duo was no joke, they make it impossible to watch the video and not rewind or dance to it, their energy is infectious.

‘Rewind’ has about 1.5 million views on YouTube

One of the things that catch the eye in this video apart from her craft is the appearance of actor James Gardiner and her fashion style. On point! Her stylist deserves an award for that.

The song has about 1.8 million views.

6. Daavi

This is the lead song for her 2017 album. MzVee chose to use this song to talk about her journey in the industry.

She talks about how surprised she is every day to see herself come this far, “as I wake up
I dey give thanks to God almighty.”

MzVee encouraged other to work towards their dreams.

This song differs from many of her songs. It is a jam no doubt but is much slower and has a thanksgiving feel to it. It gets you singing along but not so much dancing.

‘Daavi’ has about 1.3 million views on YouTube.

7. Natural Girl featuring Stonebwoy

This song is one of the inspiring songs that helped many young ladies stay true to themselves.

To some, their reality was played out before their eyes when a young model had to take pills to stay slim and another wanted to have breast implants to enhance her body.

Many people were inspired by MzVee’s determination to stay with her voluminous natural hair even after people had complained it will be difficult to maintain.

MzVee in this song featured the BHIM nation president Stonebwoy. For many, it was a good step in the right direction because it revealed to many ladies that guys appreciate them exactly the way they are.

“This song is to tell girls to be true to who they are. The way we were made is just perfect, you don’t have to let any man or woman dictate to you how you should look like,” she told Amandah Jissih on E Talk.

“Mi a the first rate version of myself” perfect! Just perfect! ‘Natural Girl’ has about 969 thousand views on YouTube.

8. Borkor Borkor featuring Zeal (VVIP)

MzVee makes dancehall easy to love with this song.

Released in the early days of her music career, this song introduced Ghanaians to another female artiste apart from Kaakie who proved she could kill it in the dancehall scene which had been dominated by men.

After the release of this song, “iye, iye iye iyeee” stuck with almost every listener.

This video has gotten 895 thousand views on YouTube.

9. Dancehall Queen featuring Shatta Wale

Unlike the message the title suggests, this song has nothing to do with claiming the crown for dancehall in the country.

This song is about two lovers professing their love to each other and not taking each other for granted, “mi want this thing to last, you are mi last gyal, mi no wan take you fi flus gal. Mi no no stopping us you are mi last boy, this a real love, this no bi lust boy.”

“Dancehall Queen” is one of MzVee’s early releases in her solo career. It showcases her power over the dancehall genre and her control of the patoa.

This song has 748 thousand views on YouTube, if you have not seen it, check it out.

10. Hold Me Now

Hold Me Now is one of the songs in which MzVee embraces her sexuality as a woman and the power it holds.

Many fans were mesmerised after seeing how the singer made eating a bowl of fruit and drinking a cup of milk look sexy, breathtaking!

MzVee in the song was waiting for her lover to come home. She teased the curiosity of fans when she opened her door to introduced rapper Pappy Kojo.

The fans interest in seeing the two in the video gave birth to ‘Mensuro Obia’.

‘Hold Me Now’ has 728 thousand views.

Bonus – ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’

‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ may not be solely owned by MzVee but it was the song that set the stage for her amazing career.

In this song MzVee even though new in the scene, owned the song and delivered like she had been in the industry long before.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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