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Only heaven can feel better than a man sleeping with a woman – Prophet Kumchacha

The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, or Prophet Kumchacha, as he is popularly known, is of the belief, or at least faith, that the act of sex between a man and a woman feels only less pleasant than heaven.

On the TV show “In Bed With Adwen”, the controversial preacher joined the panel to talk on the alleged effects of lesbianism. It was at which point Kumchacha alleged that lesbians succumb to their feelings because of evil spirits.

He said in Twi:“How can you have kids if you are gay? Any man who masturbates is a sinner and any woman who gets intimate with another woman is a sinner. It is as a result of evil spirits.”

Kumchacha continued, saying: “Heaven will supposedly feel good. But when you take heaven out, sex between a man and a woman is what feels the best”.

These comments are not far from the public image the preacher has couched for himself. He has the tendency to make comments many have found outlandish.

Prophet Kumchacha has earlier claimed that he once rejected an offer to sleep with equally controversial radio and TV presenter Afia Schwarzenegger; an offer that Kumchacha says came from Schwarzenegger.

He did not say when this offer was made but he said because he was not attracted to the presenter, he turned down her offer and “left the room”.

Meanwhile, a 65-year-old billionaire, Ehud Arye Laniad, has died of a heart attack during an operation to enlarge his manhood.

Laniad, a diamond trader, died at a private Paris hospital where he was undergoing the procedure.

The Toronto Sun reports that he died while on the operating table. Other media reports have it that Laniad was triggered into a cardiac arrest after a substance was injected into his manhood.

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