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4 ways ‘broke’ Ghanaian guys can make their partners happy this Valentine’s Day

14th of February brings with it pressure unlike any other days because people are forced to give gifts to their partners, and so the fear of appearing cheap makes people spend outside their means.

It is reported that across the world, Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially-vibrant days of the year.

Everything from houses to key-holders are bought and sold on this day. And so if you are a young man in such a world, it is understandable if the pressure gets to you.

This is especially so if you are not financially sound at the time Valentine’s Day comes around.

But do not feel left out because you can celebrate the occasion with your partner even if you are on a budget. YEN.com.gh has some great suggestions.

1. Cook at home for your partner

Sometimes, they say it is not the volume of the gift but the thought that counts. Well-meaning people can appreciate good effort.

So why do you not just stay at home and cook for your partner? It does not matter very much if you are not a good cook.

2. A hamper to her place of work

Good women love to let others know that they are in love. So they would not worry if you surprise them with a beautiful hamper at her workplace.

Admittedly, some hampers can be very expensive. But you do not need to go over and above to be loving.

3. Call into a radio or TV show and have her recognised

This is a bold move that is telling the whole world whom you are with. She will be glad that you are not shy to hide her.

It is also inexpensive to call into such shows.

4. Propose marriage

If you are ready, have been together long enough, and have the acceptance of family and friends, Valentine’s Day is a good day to propose.

You are not forced to do this with a 24-carat diamond ring. The point is, you are telling her you are ready to make your relationship forever.

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