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#10YearsChallenge: The music industry edition (Same structures just new entries)

I just want us to do the same #10Yearschallenge in our music industry; I will try and summarize my thoughts so you can also comment.

Firsts of all, 10 years ago most of our music stars then are now either struggling to get acceptance by Ghanaians, fans or they can’t get even media support for their music because they say they are old and should stop music.(Killing the talent before their time)

That should tell you that 10 years from today too our now Stars will either suffer to sustain their success, fans, or brand because the music industry might be two decades old but nothing has really changed.

We are living in the same era where our music is not crossing boarders, our stars are not breaking boundaries and our industry is still not structured.

#10yearsChallenge so let’s face the truth, after 10 years we still don’t have copy right solutions in our sector, we don’t have simple distribution channels and fund collection mechanisms for musicians by Ghamro.

#10YearsChallenge means that by now we should have some direction with our music, our artistes should be eating from their sweat, that is, they should be able to cash in at least proper royalties from all angles(Radio, TV, CRBTs, Mobile radio, streaming, service and more)

#10YearsChallenge means that our industry should attract bigger investments but unfortunately we are still in the same situation where we can hardly raise financial support for our musicians.

#10YearsChallenge means that big record labels and music brands such as Universal, Sony, Spotify, Itunes, etc should at least make a bold move to Ghana but still we don’t have even one certified brand here.

#10YearsChallenge means that by now we should have one unified top 100 chart at least; one that the Whole country feeds from but nope, we don’t even have stations logging in songs that they play hence we can’t calculate to know the amount of airtime each song is enjoying to be able to at least build that system.

#10YearsChallenge means that by now we should have proper sales funnel for our music and events but we are still struggling with even the few music streaming services and online tickets that are around.

Last one, by now we should be able to travel with our big events to other regions and make it successful. The only successful shows we do outside the capital are mostly free gated shows but at least we should have been able to build a culture where people from Other regions know they have to travel to another region to enjoy a concert, chale, we should be using that to build our industry in all regions.

Hmm, I can go and on but the morale here is that #10yearson I will be back to write this same things again because as a people we don’t learn and We will not also allow others who know what to do (I mean experts) to help us, so all of us do things any how in this industry, therefore keeping it stagnant and unclean for investors.

If we don’t change as a people, 10 years later, we will still be on Facebook laughing at some pictures and by that time we would have killed a lot of music dreams.

Written by NanaYaw Wiredu

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