Chinese “galamsey queen” Aisha Huan deported from Ghana

Ghanaian based Chinese “galamsey queen” Aisha Huang, has been deported from Ghana.

She was put on an Ethiopian Airways Flight.

Reports indicate that portions of her visa application documents were forged.

Aisha was standing trial with  four Chinese accomplices: Gao Jin Cheng, 45; Lu Qi Jun 39; Habin Gao 26; and Zang Pan 23.

Her deportation means the state discontinued the trial against the Chinese who had been charged with undertaking small-scale mining operations, contrary to Section 99 (1) of the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006, (Act 703).

She is also charged with providing mine support services without valid registration with the Minerals Commission, contrary to Section 59 and 99 (2) of the Minerals and Mining Act.

And also charged with illegal employment of foreign nationals (in breach of section 24 of the Immigration Act and regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations).


Aisha Huang was arrested in May 2017 by officials of the Ghana Immigration Service in a raid on her illegal activities at Bopotenten in the Ashanti region.

Aisha is said to be a very powerful woman who pays bribes to various powerful people.

There are several mining sites that she stole and worked on them, she also took control of many cocoa farms which she never paid.

Most of these cases are still in court as owners demand compensation.

Aisha is said to be keen on bribing officials, offering sex and had compiled videos and audio  tapes of various sex escapades Chinese women have had sex with some influential Ghanaian leaders and security chiefs.

According to veteran journalist Kweku Baako, the Chinese galamsey queen uses these videos to blackmail these powerful Ghanaians politicians and security personnel into submission whilst she hopped from one galamsey mine to another.

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