Reefer Tym – Fa ma me (feat. Wisa Greid and KSA) (Produced by Reefer Tym)


Reefer Tym has been on a heavy grind these days. Although he’s not at the peak of his career, his influence is still seen in today’s music and he’s still dishing out a lot of music himself. Just last month, the rapper dropped off his new album, Unimpeded.

Reefer Tym and Wisa Greid, KSA team up on “Fa Ma Me” The artistes are no strangers to each other as they’ve collaborated on numerous occasions. “Fa Ma Me” is a melodic effort with Reefer Tym and Wisa Greid, KSA singing about their girls and cash over a lurk-y afrobeat.

Peep their collaboration below.