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Why Will A Well-Trained Girl, Lady Or A Woman Go Naked All In The Name of Fame?

I always get this creepy feeling anytime I hear a female celebrity in the news. You know why? Because they always make the headline for the wrong reasons as usual.

Why will a well-trained girl, lady or a woman go naked all in the name of fame and money? I always ask myself if they are of themselves. After my piece on Christabel Ekeh on July 14, 2017, during my days at Joy FM, I have not been able to write any piece on entertainment due to my strong passion for football.

However, on Friday, December 14, 2018, I arrived at the office at 07:47 AM and I was stunned when I saw a notification with Salma Mumin’s picture. The story was about the actress who was celebrating her birthday. When I opened the story, your guess is as good as mine.

So, I logged in to my Instagram page to see exactly what she posted and on her Instagram page, she posted a naked picture with the inscription, “ON THIS DAY A QUEEN WAS BORN IN A BATHTUB FULL OF WATER MELONS ???? ????.


LORD I’M THANKFUL ???????? ????????????

For Salma Mumin’s birthday, this is how she captured herself. An image I doubt will put a smile on her face many years to come, just as the ones our people took in the early 90s and 80s bring us today.

I always keep on asking myself the same question anytime a female celebrity does that and my question still remains that are these so-called female celebrities of themselves? To me, they seemed to be possessed.

Anyways, if God have been merciful to you by adding a year to your years, is that how one should thank Him? I know I am not perfect but with my little knowledge and understanding in God’s scriptures, the Almighty God does not entertain such rubbish.

Many years ago, people celebrated their birthdays with honour and dignity. Even those who were who have no means of survival would pose behind bottles of coke and Fanta, wear their best attire and smile for the camera and irrespective of the pixels of those photos and the tacky backgrounds, a look at any of them today brings this unique sense of pride and beautiful memories.

Today, we have become a generation of idiots, intellectually impaired and smugly arrogant in the face of our growing stupidity.

The bible says in John 9:31 “We know that God does not listen to sinners, but He does listen to the one who worships Him and does His will.” One will ask, did Salma Mumin did the will of God by posting that picture in her Instagram page? That is a big NO!. And will God even accept her thanksgiving? Again, NO!.

These are the same people who fill the church to the bream every Sunday and those spineless preachers are scared to rebuke and chastise such people for bringing reproach unto the Kingdom of God.

Growing up, my grandmother told me that a girl, a lady or a woman is supposed to cover herself up if she wants to earn the respect of people in society. Let me pause and ask a question here. Do we see these so-called female celebrities covering themselves in the society we live today? You remember when your senior brother brings a lady home and your mother drag him to the kitchen and ask if the lady is a marriage material?

You know why? Our mothers will only ask such a weird question due to the appearance and the dressing of the lady. One will ask, do we have ladies who are suitable for marriage? Absolutely yes but not these so-called female celebrities.

I believe we have ladies, girls and women who are properly trained and influencing our society in a positive manner but in my opinion, there is nothing to write home about these so-called female celebrities in our day. It is obvious that these female celebrities are eager to make wealth and be famous regardless of the consequences. I have read and listened to interviews where a female celebrity was making a damming allegation against a fellow colleague in the movie industry but it turned out to be false. What was she seeking to archive? To trend on social media and nothing else.

You strip naked and you trend on social media and make the headlines and then what? I am tempted to say they are potentially insane. Wait, have you ever thought why these same female celebrities can’t get married and stay with one man?

Opinion are like noses but I don’t welcome the idea that the world is not stagnant so one also need to adapt to the situation. See, we have veterans and award-winning personalities in the entertainment industry who have never made the headlines for the bad reasons and they are still living their normal life and are still influencing the society positively.

Surprisingly, Yvonne Okoro, who people see as a role model wrote on Instagram, “Happy watermelon day to this pretty face @salmamumin ????????????… Happy birthday beautiful… God bless you!!

What is beautiful about someone stripping naked simply because she is celebrating her birthday? I quizzed. For me, it is about time these so-called celebrities are being told at their faces that the hypocrisy and sycophancy is worrying.

No well-behaved girl, lady or a woman will support such an uncultured act. All my years that I have spent on earth, it is only mad people and prostitutes who can strip naked and no one talks about that. So can I say they are mad or they are prostitutes? Or do they do that to make their followers on social media happy and get more likes? With no apologies, these so-called celebrities are not worth to be called women and are not fit for marriage because a well-trained woman is supposed to cover up herself.

These people have shame. They wear a dress which exposes their vital part and they are still happy about the dress. I have been a critic of female celebrities on social media [Efia Odo, Akuapeen Polo etc.] due to their uncharacteristic behaviour just to make the headline but I sometimes let it go.

A well-trained girl, lady or a woman will never do what Salma Mumin has done. I don’t believe in stripping naked all in the name of fame. Again is that madness? Well, you are the right person to judge. I will not be surprised to see people supporting her like what Yvonne Okoro has done because there is a saying that birds of a feather flock together. However, I believe that a person in his or her right senses will condemn such a barbaric act.

After Christabel Ekeh released her nude pictures, I wrote that she has ruined the reputation of her family and has dragged her noble family into the tatters by doing that. The wisest King on earth Solomon wrote in the books of the Proverbs 15:20 and it says “A wise son makes a father glad, But a foolish man despises his mother”.

We have seen some people in the past doing the same thing but they have condemned such act. I perfectly agree that everybody can exercise his or her franchise but it is sometimes astonishing how female celebrities take advantage of social media just to make the headline for nothing.

It is unacceptable, uncultured and uncharacteristic for on a girl, a lady or a woman to go to that length all in the name of being a celebrity. I will end by asking again that are Ghanaian female celebrities possessed?


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