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Biblical ‘End Of Days’ Prophecy COMES TRUE As Fish Begin Swimming In Dead Sea

Ezekiel’s foretold biblical prophecy may have come to fruition after fish were spotted swimming in the Dead Sea.

Ezekiel, who is the key figure in the Bible, cited his end-of-days prophecy foreseeing the Dead Sea coming back to life – an event that is considered impossible due to huge salt content in the water.

Sightings of active marine life in small sinkhole situated around the dead sea were reported by Israeli photojournalist Noam Bedein The captivating photos reveal tiny fish swimming in the water, something that is scientifically impossible due to the highly-salinated nature of the water.

the captivating photos reveal tiny fish swimming in the water

According to Mr. Bedein, who works on the Dead Sea Revival Project, acting to preserve the Sea and other Israeli “water treasures,” stated the fish prove the water is “anything but dead.”

According to the Bible, following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, the land was transformed into a desolate wasteland – the same area the dead sea is now.

But according to Ezekiel’s f prophecy, life would once again return to the land, as fish swim abundantly in the water.

“Coming to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, you see prophecy coming true,” Mr. Bedein told Breaking News Israel.

ezekiel cited his end of days prophecy foreseeing the dead sea coming back to life
Ezekiel, cited his end-of-days prophecy foreseeing the Dead Sea coming back to life

“A place that was once cursed in Biblical times, now you can come here to the Dead Sea, explore the sinkholes and see fish where the water has receded – fulfilling prophecies from Ezekiel who talked about the land flourishing and blooming when the Jews return.

” “The curse is over, and this place and its minerals are now bringing life to people around the world.” Mr. Bedein and his team have been observing and documenting the changes in the Dead Sea over the last two years.

Due to acute environmental shifts, approximately 600 Olympic pool’s worth of water is being lost from the sea every year – something being described as an “environmental catastrophe.”

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