Two prostitutes detain motor biker who failed to pay for services rendered

Two prostitutes detain ‘Okada’ man for trying to abscond after ‘service’ Source: Source: UGC

A commercial motor rider, commonly referred to as ‘Okada man’, has found himself in serious trouble with some prostitutes after failing to pay them for their services.

The young man is reported to have engaged the services of the prostitutes, together with another colleague of his.

However, his colleague absconded the venue without paying after being satisfied by one of the prostitutes in another room.

As a result, both prostitutes pounced on the hapless okada man demanding that he produces his friend or endure their wrath.

The prostitutes detained him for long periods and refused to allow him go despite his constant pleas. The pimp at the brothel also mobilise security operatives to the scene so that the culprit could be handed over to them.

A video of the incident has since gone viral on various social media platforms.