Weirdest wedding dresses ever

There are few occasions in life when you are the centre of attention and everybody’s celebrating you. One of these occasions is, of course, your wedding day.

But for some ladies, it’s not enough. They just have to wear an exaggerated outfit, guaranteeing no one could look away. Here are some of the most over the top Wedding Dresses we could find

Careful With Sharp Objects 

You won’t see any drunk ‘cut the cake’ at this wedding – the risk is just too high. The groom won’t take a chance destroying his bride’s dress by cutting it.

Chewing and chewing all day long

I think this bride has a thing for Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because nothing else can explain why she would want to look like Violet Beauregard right after she turns into a blueberry.


Only a few couples feel this comfortable in their own skin could ‘wear’ this look. It might look like an ordinary dress and suit at first glance, but these two are wearing almost anything but a thin layer of body paint.


Like a caterpillar on its way to become a butterfly, the single girl is on her way to become a beautiful bride! Seriously, if this so called dress doesn’t evolve to something else, there is no logical explanation to why she’s wearing it.

The Sweetest Bride

The concept of people emerging from cakes isn’t new, but the idea of actually wearing one is definitely innovative. Not only this bride is saving money on her wedding cake, if she (or anyone else…) gets hungry while dancing she can just grab her dress and eat until she’s full.

The Balloon Bride

Are you familiar with those clowns making balloon shaped animals at kids’ birthdays? One bride got so many wonderful memories of those parties she decided to wear one of these balloon-made work of art as her wedding dress.

One Devoted Mom-to-Be

What says “I am ready to have kids” more than wearing a wedding dress made entirely out of diapers? Let’s hope the groom didn’t wear anything that could complete the set.

The Girl on Fire

Long before Katniss Everdeen wore her flame dress in The Hunger Games, this bride managed to be the “hottest” person in her own wedding.

Cream Puffs, Anyone?

Walking the aisle with cream puffs all over her body, this bride seems to be a delicious bride. Guests coming to congratulate her have to resist the temptation.

Mosquitoes are not invited!

If you plan to marry at a tropical location, don’t forget – mosquitoes can really ruin your special day. A valid solution to the problem – wear a net protecting you from mosquito bites.

Would you Like to Carry My Dress? Oh, Wait...

If you have a lot of close friends who wants to be part of your wedding ceremony, maybe learn from this bride who might be on to something. Just wear the longest dress you can imagine and ask them to help you carry it to the isle.

Orange is the new white

An orange themed wedding isn’t the weirdest thing on our list, but you can’t deny that these orange tuxedo and veil are definitely worth the mention.

"Impossible To Match This Dress? Just Watch Me"

Honey boo boo’s mom and June Shannon chose to wear a dress as unique as her personality. It is visible that her husband matched her outfit, but if you’ll look closely you can see she’s also wearing matching sneakers.


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