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Adesa Festival To Honour Grace Omaboe

Adesa Festival, the first-ever annual event to be organised in Ghana by Philjoe Multimedia & Play House.kom, will see a celebration of Ghanaian oral arts on Friday, August 24.

The festival will honour storytelling legends such Grace Omaboe, popularly known in showbiz circles as Maame Dokono, and Ama Boabeng, a pioneer of the concert party shows.

The event is to rekindle the good old flame of the natural and indigenous Ghanaian theatre, which appears to be running into extinction, with the birth of the new age and a fete of oral arts.

The theme for this year’s edition is ‘The Oral Arts Revolution, The Role of Everyone’ with the slogan ‘Pimpinaaa…Nanaaaaa!’

Grace Omaboe was initially a writer on Osofo Dadzi in the 70s when she was encouraged by Nana Bosom Pra to act in a series she co produced called Keteke. Omaboe first started acting in the Keteke TV series on Ghanaian State owned TV, GBC TV.

She moved on from there to become one of the most sought after actors of her time when she starred in and produced the 1980s/1990s Akan drama series Obra on GBC TV. Popularly known as Maame Dokono (after she played a character as a kenkey seller), she moved on to feature in several Ghanaian movies both Akan and English.

She starred in the 2013 short Kwaku Ananse and Children of the Mountain (2016).

Come and let’s have reminiscences of ‘By The Fireside’with Maame Dokunu”.

Adesa Festival honours her.

Pimpinaaaa. ..!


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