2018 Maiden Edition Of GaDangme And Ewe Music And Films Awards Is Here


It’s happening life, it’s going to be great, ebaafee miishɛɛ sɔɔŋ on the 17th August 2018 at the OSU presby church Hall.

Ojekooradio is thrilled to Host this important event; GaDangme fɔmɔbii let’s come in our numbers to support BIG!, It will be a night of miishɛ sɔɔŋ to see some of our Niimɛi kɛ Namɛi dressed in their beautiful Regalia(Abladei Amli) to present awards to winners on a studded red carpet, let’s come and support our favorite musician to victory!!! Some of the musicians will be our non-gadangme musician but sings only in Ga(Adani Best) will there, our own Adotey Tetor ebaafee miishɛɛ sɔŋ ebaafee gbeyei.

Buy a ticket today, come let’s have fun to make it a memorable one to lift the flag of GaDangme Higher.
Tickets can be bought at OSU Ebenezer Presbyterian church, Achimota Presbyterian church, Ojekooradio.com and at the Gate. Let’s come and support our favourite musician to victory. Nyɔŋmɔ ajɔɔ wɔfɛɛ.

Contact No’s for enquiries 0277868157; 0575701566

photos of tickets: