Police brutality: Lady shockingly slams staff who recorded the video

A police constable was captured in a video brutalizing a woman with a baby in a banking hall.

Ghanaians have attacked the policeman for his act, but one lady called Ivy Enyo Nam believes the staff who recorded the video is to blame.
According to the report, the woman, a hawker around Okponglo in Accra, was in the banking hall of Midland Savings and Loans to withdraw her ‘susu’ savings. The woman identified as Patience Sarfo, according to the report, had heard that the bank was facing possible liquidation and so she wanted to take all the money she had saved with them.

However, the financial institution failed to allow her withdraw her money, and called on the police officer who was on security duty in the banking hall to drive her away. The lady, however, persisted and this led to the policeman beating him up mercilessly.

The whole of Ghana, and even Nigeria have condemned the attack, calling on justice to be carried out and the policeman punished. But that is not the case of a lady called Ivy Enyo Nam who for some reasons, is seemingly defending the policeman’s action.

Enyo Nam, the lady who shockingly slammed the staff who recorded the video. Photo credit: Facebook.
Enyo Nam, the lady who shockingly slammed the staff who recorded the video. Photo credit: Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Enyo Nam is faulting the staff who recorded the video for lacking professionalism.

According to her, the staff’s action could lead to the downfall on the financial institution, and wondered if Midland Savings and Loans is not organizing training session for its workers. Enyo Nam wrote: “What’s wrong with staff these days? Everything you’ll take phone and star videoing.

Do educate your staff on the DOs and DON’Ts of social media. Have a social media policy before they run your business down in the name of breaking news! Sorry Midland Savings and Loans. Next time train your staff!” However, her comments have landed on the bad nerves of Ghanaians and some of them believe she has a mental problem because they do not understand why she could be ‘wicked’ than being compassionate towards the victim.

Awal believes Enyo Nam’s comments are pathetic
Laari couldn’t believe another woman could justify a fellow’s woman being brutalized.
Meanwhile, the Ghana Police has assured that justice would be carried out for the nursing mother and Ghanaians at large. In a statement sighted by on Facebook, the police have pledge to ensure that the police officer who has been identified as Lance Corporal Frederick Godzi Amanor, will be brought to book.

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