Trolling Wendy Shay has earned her an ambassadorial deal – Bullet

Wendy Shay

If you thought trolling Wendy Shay for keeping the same weave on will have a negative effect on her image and brand, then you certainly need a rethink.

According to the songstresses manager, the trolling has earned her an endorsement deal which they will soon announce.

Ricky Nana Agyemang told Hitz FM in an interview that “It’s her braid and not a wig. She loves curly hair. There is even an endorsement deal coming out. We will announce it soon. It’s coming out trust me”.

And now people are getting to meet her. You need to maintain a style and when people get to know you, then you switch it up. At the beginning that’s how it goes…”

Bullet, as he is popularly known in the showbiz industry, promised another big single from his artiste, Wendy Shay after Uber Driver has become a household song.