Artist Commey Took The Breath Of Many Art lovers, And Critics At His Exhibition

Artist Commey

In an age where names like Monet, van Gogh or Hopper guarantee long lines at exhibitions akin to those at rock concerts.

Artist commey had his first marvellous solo art exhibition which took place at N8tive Bar near Nyaho medical centre, airport residential area

His art piece which took the breath of many art lovers, dealers, art critics and notable people like Richmond Addy a renowned Ghanaian blogger, who was present at his exhibition which is still ongoing and will end in 11th July next month.

N8tive Bar(atist commey exhibition)

Artist Commey explained most of his beautiful paintings, such as behind the mask and the pride of a mother, ..
Behind the mask talk about being yourself and not hiding behind someone’s shadow.

He went ahead and reveal the story behind pride of a mother, he emotionally explains how mothers went through hell to bring up their children and also made a revelation on how one of his aunts bravely gave birth by herself without the help of a physician, mothers meant a lot to me he said.

see photo of his art piece below:

His Exhibition video below: