Here Are The Price list Of Recently Increased Transport Fare

If you may have boarded an intra-city commercial bus (trotro) or a shared taxi, you will notice that your transport fare has been increased. Yes, this comes after a statement by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) which indicates that effective Monday, June 4th, the price of transport fares will increase by 10 percent.

Already, drivers say the main reason for increasing transport fares is because of the continuous rise in fuel prices which continues to affect their cost of operations. What this means is that your transport fare could increase from 10 to 20 pesewas based on the calculation of your driver.

So if your transport costs 2 cedis 10 pesewas, you must be looking at paying 2 cedis 20 pesewas. has the price list on how much you will be paying in this regard. According to the GPRTU, if you used to pay 2 cedis 20 pesewas, your new fare will be 2 cedis 30 pesewas. Also, the previous fare of 3 cedis will now go for 3 cedis 10 percent.

Check out the list of new fares for intra-city transport (Trotro):
Here are the price list of recently increased transport fares
Check out the list of new fares for shared taxis:
Here are the price list of recently increased transport fares
The National Chairman of GPRTU, Kwame Kuma explained that even though the union would have preferred a 15% increase, “upon consultation with government, we have agreed to a 10% increase. “Government has assured us that it will continue with efforts to prevent a steep rise in input cost,” he revealed in a statement. In dealing with the challenge of cost, you could even consider the use of low-cost transportation like bicycles and public bus systems.

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