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6 Signs Your Man Is Probably Faithful

One prayer every lady keeps praying is for her to have a faithful man. A faithful man is like a rare gem, he’s one in a thousand.

Men are naturally promiscuous and having a man who’s faithful to you is definitely a big plus. One big question ladies ask is: how do I know my man is faithful? Faithfulness or cheating is not written on a man’s face but a lady can probably tell her man isn’t having a sexual affair with someone else.

These signs aren’t a surety but they are definite guides that would show you your man is faithful.


The faithful man has nothing to hide; he isn’t sneaky about his phones and every other thing. A man who cheats is never hundred percent free with his phone; a call or message could pop at any time and he wouldn’t want to be caught up in that; but the man who’s faithful doesn’t have anything to hide, secrecy isn’t in his diary and he makes sure his lady knows this.


Where does your man’s loyalty lie is one question every lady should ask herself when in a relationship. A man who’s loyal to his lady would rather not be anywhere but with his lady, when he has a spare time he spends it with his lady. A man that’s loyal wouldn’t mind showing you to the world as his lady; when he treats you like the only woman in the world then that’s a sign of loyalty; a man shows loyalty to his lady not just in words but in actions.


One thing you might want to ask yourself is how committed is your man to the relationship. How much passion does he put into that relationship? How much does he try extra just to be with you and to please you? Gauge his seriousness in the relationship on a scale of 1 to 10; anything less than 10 shows that there is one percent chance that he’s cheating. You might think it’s a harsh judgment but it isn’t; faithfulness needs a hundred percent loyalty or commitment level and there could be that one percent chance that your man is cheating if he falls short on being loyal and committed to that relationship.


The man that’s faithful to his lady avoids cheating on her by all means and by that he doesn’t even try to be flirty in his actions; he doesn’t really feel the need to impress other ladies, he isn’t carried away by the appeal of other women. This is so because the faithful man has all his desire placed in just one person and anything that falls short of this could mean your man is getting some extra booty somewhere.


There is nothing like a man who’s honest and upright in his words and actions; that’s the quality of a man who’s faithful. Once deceit enters the picture or when there is a thing or two to hide then you should know that there is a little problem. Faithfulness isn’t a regular trait, it is extraordinary and it requires a whole lot of honesty. A faithful man is an honest man; once he’s told you that little lie then anything can happen from then on but if he has no reason to lie then that’s the faithful man.


A man who would hit you has no respect for you and that means he could cheat on you as well; a man who would tell you all manner of lies has no respect for you and could as well cheat on you; a man who doesn’t value you or your feelings or make no efforts to understand you doesn’t have respect for you and that means he could as well cheat on you. However, a man that has total respect for his lady and also respect her feelings would give no room to cheat on her because he’s too in love or cares about the way his lady feels to do that.

After all said and done, faithfulness requires a whole lot of discipline and commitment from a man, and while it isn’t easy to vouch hundred percent that a man is faithful, these tips can provide an insight to how faithful or unfaithful your man is.

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