MUST LISTEN: Guru Goes Hard On Poor Guys In Newest Song ‘Bad Guys’


One of the most dedicated Hip-life/Hip-pop artistes ever to be produced in Ghana,Guru has released his latest hit song titled ‘Bad Guys.

Produced by popular music producer,Ball J ,Guru’s ‘Bad Guys’ cautions poor boys in their youthful age to desist from making quick money through diabolic means.
Crooned in mid-tempo hip-life vein,Guru,who has carved a niche for himself as a monstrous lyricist, didn’t disappoint with his lyrical content in ‘Bad Guys’at all.

Like ‘Lapaz Toyota,Samba,and ‘Me ba be tiao’ which happens to be some of the biggest hit songs ever to be produced in the history of our music industry by Guru,  ‘Bad Guys’ is also a potential song of the year award-winner at any musical award scheme in Ghana,that would soon transcend our borders .
Objectively,’Bad Guys’,is a song the  Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) must use to educate the youth against the mindset of making money through unwarranted means.
Kindly listen to ‘Bad Guys’ in the audio below!