Baraka – Mask off remix


Baraka, born Richard Baraka Chessoni is a Prosperous up and coming Performing

artist, stylist and all around creative.

Born in Nairobi and raised in a series of cities from Maryland to Tel Aviv, he is multi-
lingual in both his music and in language and at the young age of 20, he draws

inspiration from his hobbies, love life & the interactions around him.

Baraka is currently the C.E.O & Creative stylist of Bahati Bookings, he has been making
music that can only be described as “Conscious hip-hop” although he categorizes himself
as an artist with no limitations. Being a creative soul, he is known to pour his emotions
and philosophies into his music, while finding a way to slide in some relatable storytelling

giving fans a unique style of rapping that leaves you Ecstatic .

Aside from focusing on his rap career , Baraka is heavily involved in Arts & fashion,
promising to drop a visual story behind his collaborative piece with Ekumbo

“East African Winter”

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Listen to Baraka’s Mask off remix