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This video of Ebony and her dad cracking funny jokes would break your heart

The proud father and his daughter are captured cracking funny jokes, as they both laugh heartily. Ebony was captured sitting in a car, seemingly on her way out, and her father (Nana Opoku Kwarteng) stands by her as they chat in the pidgin language and laugh.
The daddy is heard saying: “What goan” as if to ask her daughter “what’s going on?” or “how is it going?” But Ebony laughs at him, trying to tell him that she speaks better Pidgin than he does. Her father then responded, telling her that he is the 60’s good man, vs. the 90s badgyal as Ebony referred to herself. The two then break into deep laughter, and though it was a hearty moment, it is also a sad one, knowing that Ebony is no more to play with her dad.
It was hearty conversation which was concluded with Ebony telling her dad “I love you baby,” with the dad responding in the same way. This video is sure to bring tears to the eyes of Ebony’s father, family members, friends and fans. It shows that the bond between Ebony and her father was no ordinary relationship, it was indeed very deep and special.

Father & Daughter 💔.. Daddy God Is in Control RIP Bby girl

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