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7 Great Songs Hated by Their Own Performers

Sometimes, the biggest masterpieces that brought fame to their creators, cause a huge pain for them. No matter if it was a one-hit wonder or an experienced superstar. Doesn’t matter how many Russian beautiful girls yell at their concerts. Doesn’t matter which genre they represent. They literally hate those hits that made them famous and brought several music awards. So, which compositions arouse loathe in their authors and performers?

TLC – Creep

One of the biggest R’n’B wonders of the 90’s TLC was nominated for Grammy in 1996 for their single “Creep” from their second album (despite it was released two years earlier). The hit was written by producer and songwriter Dallas L. Austin. He composed a story about a girl that cheats with another guy to take revenge on her boyfriend who cheated on her first. Being written by a male, the lyrics were considered offensive for one of the members, now deceased Lisa Lopes. She claimed that a real woman should just break up instead of being in such relationship. Despite a controversy, the single was released and later received the award.

Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away)

The success of the British new-wave miracle with a weird name was as brief as the chorus of “I Ran”. The song was incredibly popular, it was a hit for karaoke and movies. Unfortunately, like it always happens with young artists, they never could make something like that. The frontman Mike Score hates it even now because his fans demand singing only “I Ran” and don’t appreciate others. What a pity…

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

“Don’t stop me now cause I’m having a good time” – these words sound like an anthem for non-stop partying and living large. The star of Freddy Mercury beamed dazzlingly during his life, and we all know where this crazy way of life brought him. The guitarist Brian May recalls with saddens about the hit because it reminds him of his best friend’s death.

Lorde – Royals

The New Zealand pop queen Lorde had slightly less than two years before she started hating her first big international hit “Royals”. Numerous of covers on the internet that she watched made her believed she did everything wrong with the song. She doesn’t like the way she released “Royals”, its sound and vocals. However, somehow the song became a hit so there’s nothing bad about it.

Frank Sinatra – Strangers in a Night

Another legendary classic song and yet another story of loathe and contempt. It is a known fact that one of the greatest singers of all time performed songs written mostly by other songwriters. Maybe, the obligations to sing them were the reason why Sinatra recalled so rudely about some hits and “Strangers in a Night” is one of them. As he said, the song is “a piece of s**t” and its critical approval made its performing unbearable every time he went on a stage. As you may guess, the most iconic Sinatra’s song was performed too often which aroused a true hatred.

Berlin – Take My Breath Away

It’s hard to believe, but the insanely popular ballad “Take My Breath Away” made the band Berlin split. The fact is, the song wasn’t written by the band’s members. They constantly emphasized that it sounds completely different and this is not the right direction the musicians should follow. The single caused many quarrels and they split. After this, “Take My Breath Away” became #1 hit in the USA.

Radiohead – Creep

Finish our article with another “Creep”. Brit-pop stars hate their breakout song even after 20 years after the release. They call the song “crap” and have never performed it for many years. Finally, they regret changing a line “so f***** цspecial” for radio.

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