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10 reasons why black panther would completely destroy batman.

Both of them are similar in many ways such as they both have black armored suits, intense martial art capabilities and intelligent in tactics. They also fight for the common good of the people protecting them from imminent danger. First off, both are incredible superheroes in their own rights. They are also from different companies since the guard of Gotham city is a product of DC Comics while the king of Wakanda is from Marvel Studios. But in case they were in a duel, here are reasons why Black Panther will definitely destroy Batman.
Black Panther Vs Batman.
1. Martial Arts abilities Have you seen the Black Panther full movie? If you have, you have probably seen the awesome martial arts abilities the king of Wakanda has. Ever since the death of his father T’Chakka at the hands of Klaw, he kept training hard in order to exact revenge. This finally paid off when he completely annihilated Klaw in a battle. Batman on the other hand, has also martial abilities but they can be rivaled in Black Panther the movie. His fighting techniques involves use of weapons accessorized. When it comes to a hand to hand combat, he would not stand a chance against Black Panther
10 reasons why black panther would completely destory batman
2. Reflexes Another weapon shown in the Black Panther movie, is his quick reflexes. In any fight or duel, it is hard for any opponent to lay his hands on Black Panther due to his super reflexes. He has the power to dodge bullets without flinching. Even though people laud Batman as an assassin, he would really have a difficult time in making Black Panther submit.
3. Super strength Black Panther has an insane amount of strength which he brings to his battles. Batman’s strength is human but can’t be compared to that of Black Panther. He has faced off with Rhinos and Sabretooths in his mission to protect the people of Wakanda and has won on numerous accounts. Although Batman has also taken down opponents bigger than him, he relies on taking advantage of their weaknesses and not a head on battle.
4. Superhuman speed. According to previous Marvel Handbooks, to add to his super reflexes is an exceptionally fast speed. Black Panther news has it that he can make up to 40 mph in a single sprint. He can out run a Sabretooth. Batman’s speed can be considered human but can’t be compared to Black Panther.
10 reasons why black panther would completely destory batman
Black panther super speed.
5. Healing abilities Even when Batman manages to take down Black Panther, it won’t be for too long. Black Panther has superhuman healing capabilities. The healing factor has seen him never fall victim to diseases. It also prevents him from broken bones. Batman would be in a never-ending battle with a superhuman who can take any blow he has to offer.
6. Mind game Everybody knows how Batman is overconfident with himself. He always underestimates his opponents. He thinks of himself as a winner even before the duel. Unlike Black Panther who values what the opponent can do. He takes his time to learn more about the opponent. Many have blamed the arrogance of Batman to be his downfall. READ ALSO: 10 things to know about the ‘black panther’ movie
7. Weaponry We have to pay respects to both superheroes since they both have awesome gadgets and weaponry. But the unique factor about Black Panthers weapons are made of Vibranium which is a rare metal that made Captain America’s shield. His suit is bulletproof and can withstand blows from even the mightiest warriors like Thor’s hammer of a blow from Hulk. His metal claws can tear up any kind of metal.
10 reasons why black panther would completely destory batman
Batman is infamous for his utility belt which has a host of cool gadgets ranging from boomerangs, explosives, laser, glue globules, electric shock and grenades. He keeps changing the contents of the utility belts so as not to appear predictable to his enemies.
8. Intelligence Black Panther is the 8th smartest person for those who don’t know in the Marvel Universe. He has studied all across the world with a PhD in Physics in Oxford. As an addition to his capable fighting abilities, he brings a mind game to the battle field. Even though Batman is smart, he still can’t be compared to his counterpart.
9. Durability Black Panther has the power to withstand immense torture from enemies. His body can also withstand blows from his opponents. Given that he has healing powers, Batman’s weapons in his utility belt can’t stand a chance against Black Panther.
10 reasons why black panther would completely destory batman
10. Senses. Black Panther has a photographic memory that can remember anyone he once met. He also can detect this faster than any human. His detecting senses can be compared to Spiderman’s senses. He also has ability to memorize senses.

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