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David Oscar is a jealous brother – DKB

Ghanaian comedian, DKB, born Derrick Kobina Bonney, has described comedian-turned-musician, David Oscar as a jealous brother.

Somewhere last week, David tagged DKB as a hypocrite and alleged that DKB wanted him to attack Charterhouse in a documentary he is putting together.

“Are you not the self-imposed king of GH comedy, so why don’t you fight them? You are friends with George Quaye, are you not? Although you and I, we teamed up to create anonymous accounts on Twitter to attack the likes of George Quaye, Nii Aryee Tagoe and others. They see you as a friend, don’t they? I am sure they see you as a friend because you are the good guy and David Oscar is the bad guy. Now you are coming to me to go and attack Charterhouse but I said no! I won’t do that. You are a hypocrite. Why don’t you go and fight them yourself?” David Oscar disclosed in an interview with Okay FM.

But DKB in a press statement on Friday denied the allegations, hinting that David Oscar lied about him. The allegations, he also suggested, were born out of “jealousness to cause needless disturbance”.

He continued, “If I want to attack Charterhouse, I wouldn’t need irrelevant David Oscar to help me. He said he has retired from comedy to do music, so why would I need a musician to help fight for comedians? Truth is, I never wanted to attack Charterhouse, and rather I wanted to do a Ghcomedy episode of upcoming TV show, so that we celebrate comedy from where it was to where it is now.”

“When I called him (David Oscar) I told him not to mince his words, and if he would have to “bash” Charterhouse for the struggle they put comedians through, he should do so but in a very justifiable manner. On that episode, it would be myself, KSM and him (David Oscar). He agreed to do it, only for me to hear on the radio that he is accusing me of calling him to go and attack Charterhouse on my behalf, why would I do that?”

Speaking about creating a fake Twitter account to attack Charterhouse, DKB said, “I want to put on record, I didn’t know about fake Twitter accounts, I remember in one of our meetings, I told him that I like what the Kojo Abochie character is doing for us, he is fighting on our behalf and that I would like to meet him. He (David Oscar) told me not to worry that he is the Kojo Abochie as in a fake Twitter account he created. So I am surprised today he is accusing me of having fake account and that I used it to attack George Quaye and Nii Aryee Tagoe. How could I have made him close the account when he was busily using it to propagate his hatred? Moreover, I don’t have any problem with Charterhouse, so why would I need someone irrelevant to fight them on my behalf?”

“All this is totally unnecessary, I’m focused on developing comedy in Ghana and that’s what I am busily doing. I will entreat the general public to forgive me for responding to this jealousy-ridden brother and causing them needless disturbance. I promise not to further respond to him on any media platform,” DKB concluded.


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