4 horrible things happening in Ghana prisons today

Anyone with even an ounce of common sense in them would know that life in prison would probably not be as easy – or enjoyable – as life outside of it, no matter how difficult it may be. So in light of recent reports concerning life in Ghana’s prison system, We have  put together a list of several reasons why every Ghanaian should endeavor to stay out of prison.
1. It’s crowded…very crowed. According to Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam, a former Chairman of the Ghana Prisons Service Council, Ghana’s prisons are overcrowded by 45.50 percent. The prison system has an inmate population of somewhere around 14,500, while the entire system is only supposed to have 9,875.
2. You have to sleep liked packed sardines Having established that the country’s prison system is overpopulated, one would understand why the sleeping arrangement would be uncomfortable. Several pictures of Ghana prisons show how some facilities literally pack inmates so everyone can have space to sleep.
3. You could end up someone’s “girlfriend” According to recent revelations made by a former convict, homosexuality in Ghana’s prison system is now a major problem. The convict said sometimes prison officers try to convince newly convicted inmates to engage in the act. If there was any reason to stay out of prison, this should be it.
4. Food is scarce, and not that great Most people have heard horror stories regarding what kind of food is served in prisons and how the food is cooked. If you’ve never heard of prison food, better not try and gain firsthand experience of it. There’s a good reason why the families of inmates try to bring them food to eat every now and then.

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