Franky Kury’s family unhappy over false reports

Franky Kuri’s family have responded to reports that the family is poor and needs help to bury their late relative
A family member says relatives thought her body would be brought to Accra along with that of Ebony, and Corporal Vondee.
He said the family plans on taking legal action against those who’ve published false reports about them Relatives of Franky Kuri, born Franklina Maame Yaa Teboa Nkansah, the girl who died in the accident with Ebony Reigns, have stated that they intend to take legal action against people who’ve published false information about their family. According to a report published by, Mr. Charles Sackey, who says he’s Franklina’s brother, dispelled reports that Franklina’s family is poor and that they’re looking for financial help to bury their dead. This comes after one Elikem Kotoko posted on Facebook that Franklina’s family were told to cough up GHC3,000.00 before Franklina’s mortal remains are released, and that the family had allegedly appealed for help.
Elikem Kotoko’s post has since been picked up by many news outlets, something Franklina’s family has expressed extreme disapproval over. Now responding to these, Franklina’s brother says the family assumed that all three bodies – Ebony, Atsu, and Franklina – to be brought to Accra together since all three of them perished together. He said two family members were dispatched to the morgue reported that Franklina’s body was still at the morgue even though the other two fatal casualties in the accident had been transported to Accra. Mr. Charles Sackey also strongly dismissed reports that the family is poor, and urged Ghanaians to disregard the reports.
“Reports that we couldn’t transport our Franky to Accra because of money was false. Since Franky died with her friend Ebony and the soldier, we thought that either the soldier or Ebony’s family would transport our own since they all died together.” He said. He went on to say that the two relatives who went to the morgue called an uncle of the family who sent the necessary funds to transport Franklina’s body to Accra. “…so we have already sent Franky to Accra and we don’t understand why the media must report that false story”, he cried. Franklina’s brother related that his sister wasn’t a stateswoman so relatives don’t expect government to have a hand in her burial. He therefore reaffirmed that the family is fully capable of burying its own. He also revealed that relatives plan on taking legal action against all who published false reports about their daughter after Franklina is laid to rest.

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