Ebony’s boyfriend O Gee details last moments with her before her death

O Gee has on many occasions referred to Ebony as his best friend and “mother”.

In a video sighted on the Facebook wall of Betty Hillari Gigibel Essel, Ebony and O Gee, also a musician, are captured in different moods and settings “playing” love.

In one of the setting, O Gee had his head buried in Ebony’s abdomen and she plays with his dreadlocks.

In another instant, the two are captured eating with the same spoon in a car, and the background shows that it was a late night outing.

Then again, the two are captured in bed with Ebony lying on top of O Gee while they Snapchat.

There is also another instance of them performing together on stage.

Ebony herself had indicated in an earlier interview that she had a boyfriend, but refused to give more details.

The video goes a long way to tell the deep relationship between the two, that they were not just music mates but actually, lovers.

O Gee, in an interview monitored by on GHONE TV’s Rhythm Live on Friday, couldn’t hold his tears when he was asked about Ebony.

He virtually broke down on set weeping like a baby. According to O Gee, he was the one who linked Ebony to Bullet because he saw her great talent and wanted to help her nurture it.

He also detailed how Ebony would always want to cook his favourite meal of Jollof and chicken for him.

“Even a few days before she died, she prepared jollof for me; Ebony knew I love jollof and would always do it for me. She was like my mother,” O Gee said.

According to him, while Ebony and the others were on their unknown “deadly” journey, they were interacting on Snapchat, and making fun of themselves.

But suddenly, she stopped chatting and he didn’t know the reason only to be told the next day that she had died.

O Gee says he will miss Ebony for the rest of his life because he doesn’t believe he would ever find someone like her.

“Her smiles were infectious, she had a kind heart, she had so many lined-up activities for this year, we were going to tour Europe.” “Who else is going to be like Ebony? I don’t think we will find someone as special and talented like her,” O Gee sobbed.


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