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Zylofon Media steals bloggers idea to exploit monies from Ghanaians

Just a month on, something theatrical happened in the history of the Ghana Music Industry. The manager of Stonebwoy the signee of Zylofon Media threatened to sue a music blogging site for uploading Stonebwoy’s Epistles Mama Album on their site for free downloads.

However, the argument should be a two-way effect, because, you can’t eat your cake and have it. The C.E.O of the blogging site (parrynation) apologise to the manager of Stonebwoy for uploading the (EOM) album on their website for free downloads.

The C.E.O of parrynation explained the rational behind uploading Stonebwoy’s (EOM) album on their site for free downloads.

He said “We are young entrepreneurs with a lot of ideas on how to ease the plight of young and upcoming artists, but we lack sponsorship as how to make it a dream come true. So, I intentionally uploaded the track on my site for free downloads which will in a way give our site recognition, because it’s so painful to see Ghanaian young and upcoming artists move on the street struggling to get a means to finance a new work”.

He revealed, the purpose’s of Parrynation;

1. Parrynation is to ease the plight of upcoming artists to help them make enough monies from the downloads they make on our website.

2. Promoters on parrynation can upload their own content and enjoy 90% royalties from their downloads the make on our website.

3. Songs uploaded on parrynation can be encrypted, which can not be shared to third parties.

4. Paying system and it’s security is secured.​​​​​​​

The manager of Stonebwoy’s replied “It’s a good initiative, I will meet my team to discuss about all what you have said, we will help force the Industry to invest in that”

The C.E.O of parrynation disclose to our platform, “A week on, I was surprised to hear Zylofon Media has launched the same thing, which I didn’t believe, so I Google it and to find out that it’s true”.

“Is Zylofon Media creative at all?”; He questioned.

Parrynation pays artists for their work 50p for each interaction whiles Zylofon pays 0.02p.

Artists pay 50Gh cedis for uploading their content on parrynation whiles Zylofon charges 300Gh for that.

This is just a way to robb Peter to pay Paul, it’s a way to exploit monies from Ghanaians to pay their big time artistes not to help the upcoming one’s. Perhaps, a simplistic analogy may illustrate my argument better.

Upcoming artistes spend let say 300 cedis to do a song, he pays a music blogger 50 cedis to upload his song on their site. If he puts the song on 3 sites meaning his to spend 150 cedis. He then pay 5 top djs 30 cedis each to promote his song making it 150 cedis again.

He then tries to go for radio tour, if he decide to go to 3 stations and each is taking him 100 cedis to premier his song making 300 cedis.

Now,let’s calculate to see the total money he will spend on 1 song.





900.00 Cedis

Ok,now how do an upcoming artiste recover this 900 cedis, unless he get paid shows right?

Ok,now how do an upcoming artiste recover this 900 cedis, unless he get paid shows right?

Now,where are the shows?. And even if he get shows how much will they pay him till he get that 900 cedis, it’s so pathetic.

Is Zylofon changing the industry by signing already made art or what?. The reader should meditate on this rythorical question.

Zylofon should stop Signing artistes who have made their names already, such artists will fade out in no time… This is like Chelsea signing a 30 year old player, What contributions will such a player offer to Chelsea?.

Shatawale, Stonebwouy and other big artist they have signed have only few years to spend in the music industry. They should rather focus on signing upcoming artists who have the potential of becoming great in future….

How can you sign an artistes with a huge amount of monies, a luxury car and a complex house, what about the young and talented upcoming artistes?. It’s high time Zylofon invest it’s money in better things, things that will bring financial returns.


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