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Churches Burned To The Ground In Protest To ‘Satanic’ Pope’s Visit To Chile

Catholic churches in Chile have gone up in flames as a result of angry terrorist protesters who are against Pope Francis’s visit to the country which is currently poverty stricken. The perpetrators, who have yet to be identified, attempted attacks on four Catholic churches with various handmade explosive devices according to Crux now. “We will never submit to the dominion you want to exercise over our bodies, our ideas and actions because we were born free to chose the path we want to take. Against every religious man and woman and against every preacher,” read the pamphlets, which the perpetrators allegedly left at the Church of Saint Isabel of Hungary.

nother message on the wall of the church of christ the poor condemning the satanic pope

“Bodies free, impure and wild. We attack with the combative fire-making your disgusting moral explosion. Freedom to all the political prisoners of the world, Wallmapu [indigenous territory] free, autonomy and resistance…Pope Francis, the next bombs will be in your cassock,” the pamphlets continued. One perpetrator left another message on the wall of the church of Christ the Poor condemning the ‘satanic’ Pope Francis’s travel expenses while “the poor are dying”. The Daily Caller reports: Chilean official Pablo Orrego ardently condemned the attacks on Twitter, calling for the eradication of violence and demanding respect for Francis.

Father Fernando Ibáñez witnessed part of one of the attacks and said that he heard a gang of youths shouting curses outside his window shortly before fire sprang up at the church. “I heard the dog bark, and from my window I saw the flame,” Ibáñez told Radio Coopertiva. “I woke up and told the parish priest, Father Cristian. The neighbors were screaming, shouting at us, and all I could to is bring the hose out and begin to put the fire down.” Mahmud Aleuy, Chile’s Interior Sub-secretary, said that despite the pamphlets, the wall message and Ibáñez’s account, authorities do not have enough information to implicate any one group. The perpetrators used different explosive devices for the arson attacks, utilizing a fire extinguisher inside a plastic bin for two of the attacks, an incendiary device for a third, and another explosive device comprised partly of a gas canister, which the authorities

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