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A Trained Musician versus a Talented Musician

Talent: is an indwelling ability that gives an individual edge in doing things with ease what others would rather do with stress. Talent could also be seen a unique part of every human, the part that differentiates us all. However talent can either be discovered or laid to lie dormant and unused. Every individual has the sole responsibility of discovering his/her talent.

Training: this is the process of skill acquisition. It is also a process of sharpening existing skills and abilities. Training could be either formal or informal. Training involves exposure to facts and realities that exist in any area of life. It is a process of preparing an individual for excellence.

Unfortunately we have more talented musicians in Africa than trained musicians.

Talented people need to learn discipline in life as this would be their greatest challenge.

Talented people need to engage themselves in the process of discipline to sharpen their skills.

Most talented people do not eventually succeed in their endeavors because of discipline and lack of focus.

Trained musicians on the other hand might not be as talented but engaging themselves in the process of training and skill acquisition; they appear more talented.

Talented people most times depend on their talent for most presentations without adequate preparations. Sometimes they eventually do well, but they could do even much better if they put in a little effort to practice and prepare. This makes them to live below their potential.

Training offers the individual the opportunity to get industry exposure and appropriate knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.

However this is not saying that talent is not important. Talent is also very important as we have defined earlier, its an unfair advantage.

In conclusion, talent is never enough; we must embrace the culture of stretching and challenging ourselves to go higher in all our endeavors.

Source: http://drumnetworkafrica.com


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