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How my mother suffered to make me popular-Regina Daniels reveals

Regina Daniels, despite her young age, has already earned popularity and made a name for herself in Nollywood.

Ms Daniels is only 17 years old and joined the movie industry at 7.

Her rise to fame kicked off since 2010 when she starred in the popular film “Miracle Child.


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So far, Regina Daniels has co-starred in movies with top Nollywood stars, like Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike and more.

Yesterday, January 11, 2018, the teen actress who had managed to extend her fan base up to almost one million followers on Facebook and Instagram, celebrated her mum’s birthday in a special way

Kemifilani reached out to her and she speaks on how her mother suffered to make her who she is today, the challenges of a young actress, stubborn male fans and lots more…


How was the year 2017?
It’s was indeed a wonderful year. All thanks to God.

What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?
Something very private that no one knows.

How did you spend your holiday?
Nothing much. I was just at home. At a point, I even had to go location. Then on Christmas day, I slept all through.

What’s your major challenge as a young actress?

I don’t really face challenges because my mother is always there, guiding me and also protecting me.

Do you think you are ready for international movies?
Sure I’m very ready!. Actually, that has always been my dream all the while. So, I feel I am ever ready for it. Whenever, it comes, I’d grab with both hands.

Who are the foreign actors you look up to?

I might be aiming high but my best is Angelina Jolie.

You recently traveled to USA, for a movie production?
It wasn’t for a movie, I only went for vacation and came back.

How have you been coping with movies and your education?
Well, I must say it’s difficult though. So, when I am in school, I try as much as possible to study ahead of others to pass my exams well.

Your fan base keeps increasing on social media with lots of fans and admirers, how does that make you feel?
Well, I just feel happy. I don’t just know but it’s something that’s gives me joy both good and bad.

How then do you deal with some stubborn male fans?
Well, that’s not a problem at all. My mum helps me out. She is like my shield.

Let’s take you back a bit, how did your acting career start?
It was through the help of my mother years ago. I didn’t really see myself reaching this stage. It all happened all of a sudden.
Then, my mother suffered, and made sure I got to this stage in life.

When you say suffered, can you please explain clearer?
What I mean is not all things come on a platter of Gold. My mother did a lot for me. But in that aspect they are memories, I won’t like to share.

In the beginning. How difficult was it for you to cope with taking your lines?
Well, It wasn’t hard because, I was a little sharp kid, that had no worries in life. I always took my lines then, like I was reciting a poem.

You act so maturely, are you above 20 already?
No, not at all. People speculate that though. But, no I’m not up to. (Laughs).
And for the records, I’m not playing hide and seek with my age. People can go on and assume what they like.

What do you do in your spare time?
I can’t remember when last I had a spare time. I’m always very busy, either with school or on set.

What Nigerian stars do you look up to?
Genevieve Nnaji and Mercy Johnson, I love them a whole lots.

Have you been on set with Genevieve?
No, I haven’t. I’m still anxiously looking forward to that.

What would be your most fulfilling moment as an actress?
I can’t tell it’s something I feel I just can’t explain.



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