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Check out these :sparkles:cute:sparkles: photos of Nadia Buari and her twin babies

If you are a big Nollywood fan, you have probably heard about Nadia Buari. You might also be aware that she is the mother of adorable twin daughters. Today, we are going to tell you everything we could find about Nadia Buari twins, including who their father is. Don’t miss out!
Who is Nadia Buari?
Nadia Buari is a well-known Nollywood actress of Ghanaian descent. She was born on November 21, 1982 in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana into the family of a Ghanaian musician Ajhaji Sidiku Buari. Nadia began her acting career in Ghana, where she starred in over 20 movies. In 2008, she decided to conquer the Nollywood scene, starring in movies alongside Jim Iyke and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. She owes her fame to the movie called Beyoncé and Rihanna, where she has played Beyoncé. Apart from being an actress, Nadia is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She is the executive chairperson of a security company by the name of Resolution Security Ltd., the CEO of a real estate company called NSB Investment Ltd., an owner of a movie production company called NSB Productions, and even a manufacturer of baby diapers. Nadia also has a self-titled foundation, which helps people in need.
Nigerian actress Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari has a strong media presence. She has over 700,000 followers on her Instagram (@iamnadiabuari) and more than 240,000 followers on Twitter (@B5sNadiaBuari). The actress is known for posting quite often, so you can imagine her fans’ surprise when basically almost disappeared from social media at the beginning of 2015. Fans were even more surprised when she announced that, during that time, she actually became a mother.
Nigerian actress Nadia Buari twins
Somewhere between the end of February and the beginning of March of 2015, Nadia Buari gave birth to two little baby girls in an American hospital. However, to this day, we know almost nothing about them. For some reason, Nadia decided that she did not want to share any information about her babies with her fans or the media. Some people speculated that the twins were born prematurely. They have drawn this conclusion from the fact that the actress did not show any visible signs of pregnancy when she attended the funeral of Majid Michel’s mother in December 2014.
A few months after Nadia gave birth to her baby girls, her mother posted some heart-warming photos of a very happy Nadia with her cute little pregnant belly. The actress looked like she was positively glowing. Every time Nadia Buari twins pictures surface, their faces are always away from the camera. We do not know their names or when exactly their birthday is. The closest Nadia came to sharing the photos of the kids’ faces was back in November, where the kids were seen facing sideways to the camera.
Nadia Buari twins
The reason why Nadia is so secretive is largely unknown. She once mentioned that she wanted to keep her private life from the public, but did not provide any detailed explanation of this secrecy.
Even though there are not that many Nadia Buari pictures with her daughters, there are several interviews where she gushes about her babies. On numerous occasions, the actress has mentioned how fortunate and blessed she is to be a mother of such wonderful children. For her, motherhood is the best thing in the world, even though the twins sometimes drive her insane the way kids often do. While there are some Nadia Buari photos with her children, there are almost no pictures or information about the children’s father. Who is this mysterious man? Find out below. Who is the daddy of Nadia Buari babies?
To this day, nobody knows who the father of Nadia Buari’s babies is (apart, of course, from the members of Nadia Buari family. The actress once shared that he was not from Ghana, and she has not spoken a word about him since. Many fans speculated that the father could have been her co-star Jim Iyke, as the two have dated for quite some time. However, it turned out that Jim had his own family by the time Nadia gave birth to her babies. The actress was also dating Michael Essien, a Ghanaian footballer, but he was not the father either.
Nadia Buari and mystery man
For the longest time, Nadia only shared pictures of this mystery man’s hands and a few pictures where his face was completely concealed. However, on Father’s day this year (June 18), she posted a photo of him pushing a stroller and called him the king of her castle. For some reason, the actress has since deleted that picture.
Nadia Buari twins father
We still do not know this mysterious man’s name, but what we do know is that he really loves Nadia. He even has her name tattooed on the back of his neck! Now that is some dedication to a woman. The photo was shared by Nadia’s mother on her Instagram.
All that said, we should respect Nadia’s privacy. She must have a reason for not wanting to share her personal life with the whole world. After all, it is called ‘personal life’ for a reason. If she decides to reconsider her stance, we will be more than happy to get to know the people close to her a little bit better. We wish her and her family all the happiness in the world.


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