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“I Will Beat You Like My Step Child If You Try Me Again, You Were Lucky The Bouncers Stopped Me”- Dotta Lana Warns Shatta Michy

Shatta Michy at Hajia4Real’s ‘Global Wave’ party which took place last night at Club Onyx, owned by DBlack.

we dodn’t know what caused the fight and promised to dig into the matter to find out what happened. We know you also love gossip and want to know why they fought.

Well, one eyewitness who was present at the scene told us that, Shatta Michy wanted to beat Dotty Lana but was separated by the bouncers who were present at the scene.–We still, don’t know why exactly Michy started the fight. (We don’t want to believe Shatta Wale has got something to do with this).

Shatta Michy

In a snapchat post made by Dotty Lana, she revealed that she was in the club having fun, then all of a sudden Shatta Michy walks up to her wanting to pull a fight. We’ve contacted her to give us more details as to why Michy wanted to fight with her.

Dotty Lana in another Snap, warned Shatta Michy to be careful and not to try her next time, else she would beat her up with her ‘EXPENSIVE’ wig–Yeah right, she said that.

In the Snap, she’s heard saying; “ Ya”ll need to advise Shatta Michy. Shatta Michy or what the f*ck you call yourself, don’t try this b*llshit on me next time. Don’t in your f*cking miserable low life try this nonsense else I will beat you like my step child, else I will deal with you like my f*cking step-child. Just thank the bouncers, that tried in their own way to separate this b*llshit, if you ever…”

Watch the Video below:


In the video, we see Hajia4Real trying to stop the fight before it got serious.




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