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Whether or Not You Want a Record Deal, You Must Do These 4 Things to Be Successful

1. Establish your audience

When it comes to attracting a label, one of the main things industry execs are looking for is an established act that draws a crowd. Will you make them money? Do you have staying power? Can you grow as an artist or band? These questions will all be considered by label representatives when evaluating your band. Aside from an established act, they’re looking for one that is gaining exposure and drawing interest of listeners. Promotion is key, be it in local papers or nationwide blogs. Continuing to grow your presence through various forms of promotion will better prepare you and your group for the possibility of a label. Even if you’re not looking for a label, these questions on staying power, growth, and financial success are still crucial to ask yourself.

2. Establish your brand

For those who aren’t interested in support from a label, the importance of promotion, growth, and establishing your brand should be even more heavily emphasized. While it’s true you don’t need a label to break through to a mainstream audience, there are certain benefits label representation brings. Without one, your workload is going to be much larger when it comes to taking your music to the next level and expanding into new markets.

If you’re in pursuit of a label, having an established brand will make your band a more likely candidate to meet their expectations and give you a leg up against the rest of the competition.

3. Find your team

Just because you’re an independent artist doesn’t mean you need to (or physically can) handle every aspect of your career on your own. At a certain point, forming a team including a manager, publicist, financial assistant, booking agent, and lawyer will be something to consider. Almost every artist in the public eye has an amazing team behind them helping elevate their careers to the next level. In terms of maintain creative control, handpicking your team as an independent artist will guarantee that you’re in charge of which direction you head.

On the other hand, if you’re in discussion with a label and have a say in who your team will be or mesh well with those hired, choosing the route of a label can be a better opportunity financially and exposure-wise. There are plenty of options out there, so take time to consider all the possibilities.

4. Have a ton of patience

Not everyone has the financial means or connections to make a major break as an independent artist. That said, if you feel capable of managing this road on your own, or have the finances to hire your own team and understand that this doesn’t happen overnight, then venturing into the world of mainstream music may be a smoother journey for you. If you’re hoping to attract a label, patience is even more key. Taking the time to establish the right kind of relationships with industry professionals and fans, as well as focusing on branding yourself, will help propel you in the right direction, whichever direction you choose.

Source : sonicbids.com


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