About SEAMWITH- A Business Social Network

In 2018 don’t just be busy, be productive using the right tools. One of such important tool you need for business is  Seamwith.

No matter your business, 2018 is one year you should maximise your use of internet. Before we proceed, lets establish some foundation upon which other valuable insight will be built.

The opportunities online are endless but to make the most of the internet you need to do the followings:

  1. Identify what you do online and only focus on what is important.
  2. In deciding what is important be sure to prioritise on what is contributing to your bottom line.
  3. Understand the platform and how to use it most profitably.
  4. Develop your personal & corporate branding. (Your integrity Bar- this is too important)
  5. Don’t spam people, respect privacy.
  6. Outline ways you can add value to your network, then let them know what you have to offer.
  7. Be consistent in delivering value adding content even if you feel no one is reading.

I had the opportunity of attending the launch of Seamwith- a light beaming from Africa to the world on the 18th of December 2017 and my excitement knew no bounds because this platform provides opportunity for you to make money while spending time online. Which means once you have a value adding content, services or product to deliver, you can count on it, you will be rewarded financially.

SEAMCENTER- A Digital Business Library 

SeamCenter provides a digital library for authors, creators, developers and publishers to host and display their works, written articles and craft. Do you have informative materials in ebooks, audio, or video formats, business tools like softwares and templates. Would you like to sell or share with the world for free? Then you would love this platform.

SEAMCHAT- Instant Messenger like no other!

Why call it a Social Network if it doesn’t have messaging feature? SEAMCHAT provides you an instant messaging feature to connect with like minds in realtime. You can have one-on-one chat or group chat to connect with friends and members.
SEAMBOX- heard, be seen!
SeamBox is a video-sharing and story telling tool for everyone. This is another superb feature I personally look forward to; a platform for enlightening, educating, entertaining and sharing with my cliques. It is a combination of sound, motion, and visuals that help drive influential ideas, thoughts, and promotional efforts deeper, thereby creating a more mutually beneficial relationship for my Personal/Corporate Brand and my target audience. Seambox helps to amplify voices and showcase talents.
SEAMPRO- ... get the Job done!
SeamPro is a marketplace for professionals and clients to meet and transact. Its a place where skilled labourers, experts and freelancers cab be reached. A place where skills are showcased and visibility is increased beyond borders. This is not a place where you come looking for Jobs but a place where you come to show your professional quotient, a place where opportunities meets professionalism.
Integrity Bar- ...integrity is now a currency.
here is currently no Social Media in the World that gives you an idea of those you are dealing with on face value but Seamwith introduces first of it’s kind feature that gives you a clue about the individual you are dealing with on the other side of the Atlantic to help you decide if you want to connect or not. You should actually watch out for this feature and understand how it works, cause at that time and even now, no one will ask you to behave responsibly in the virtual community.

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