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Miss Ghana saga: Inna Patty did it to my client too – Adawudu narrates ordeal

In what appears to be an unending tale of how organisers of Miss Ghana pageant allegedly frustrate and abuse crowned queens the latest revelation is coming from a man who represented one of these girls.

Private legal practitioner Victor Kojogah Adawudu recounts how his client, a former Miss Ghana (unnamed) was denied her honours after she won the coveted crown.

According to him, the organisers of the pageant carefully crafted a scheme to take away the crown from girls who failed to ‘play ball’ by making ridiculous demands on these unsuspecting ladies.

From contract drafting to the roles expected of these young ladies Kojogah is convinced the entire project is positioned with the intent to take advantage of the mostly naïve ones.

He is, therefore, making an urgent demand on the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry to take charge and regulate operations of these beauty pageant organizers.

Kojogah Adawudu believes stringent measures by the Ministry, will ensure sanity in the activities of the event organisers.

His call comes on the heels of allegations of exploitation levelled against Inna Patty, franchisee of Miss Ghana by some three former beauty queens namely; Stephanie Karikari (2010), Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (2013) and Antoinette Delali Kemevor (2015).

Similar to the revelations by the others, Mr Adawudu claims his client was asked to raise money for travels.

He claimed Inna Patty refused to hand over the car attached to the coveted crown and allegedly seized the passport of his client until the sponsors of the pageant that season were dragged in.

“This was somebody who was keeping some of the document. We looked at the contract; it was fairly badly crafted. It came to a time she has to do that and they kept shifting the goal post, you haven’t done this so we will strip off the title from you, we will give it to the 1st or second runner-up,” he said.

“Then the person had also asked that ‘then give me my vehicle and let me walk away if you want to strip off, let me have it and she (Inna Patty) was like I won’t give you the vehicle because the vehicle was bought by me and I was like bought by you when you have sponsors?’

“So we wrote to the sponsors and said they should give us the document covering the said vehicle so we can register it in the name of the person who won,” Mr Adawudu said.

He added that, “It was when the sponsor wrote back to Miss Ghana to find out that we had threatened to take them on, that I think the issue was resolved and they had to make the document available and the person had to take the vehicle.”

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Source: Myjoyonline.com

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