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Isaac Aryee: the Kiki Gyan of our time

After spending most of his years composing music, performing and serving as audio consultant across the world, music maven Isaac Aryee is back in Ghana.

Isaac Aryee is a master keyboardist, producer and composer who has carved an impressive niche for himself for more than 20 years in the music industry.

His music prowess can be likened to the late legendary pianist Kiki Gyan of Osibisa fame and multi-instrumentalist Kwame Yeboah of the Ohia Beyeya band.

After hearing Kwamena Ray Ellis’ ‘Keyboard Africa’ Album and Bruce Hornsby’s “That’s Just the Way it is”, a young Isaac began his love affair with the piano.

A dream was birthed and Isaac vowed to learn how to play at all costs. At the time Isaac had no access to a piano at home so he employed his creative faculties and designed and drew out a one dimensional pictorial piano on his bedroom floor, using the measurements of a real piano in his uncle’s house. With his make-shift piano Isaac devoted endless hours practising his passion and formed what can only be described as a spiritual bond with the instrument.

A few years on, a teenage Isaac was able to finally purchase his first keyboard from his savings. By now he had developed real skill and talent, but being the perfectionist he is was not satisfied and still strove for greater heights. He sought tutorials from a master pianist with the aim of also mastering the musical instrument.

Isaac had a vision, and he sought one Ghana’s finest to help him forge is own path. This was none other than the legendary, world renowned keyboardist extraordinaire Kiki Gyan, of the famous Osibisa band. Isaac’s determination knew no bounds and did all he could to ensure that he got the very best from his time with Kiki.

Constantly striving for higher levels of greatness, Isaac found himself playing in churches and in bands in his homeland, Ghana. He moved to the United Kingdom when he was 17 and pursued an education in music arrangement and production. Having mastered his craft he had finally made it.

Isaac became one of the most sought after keyboardists and performed countless gigs with an envious plethora of artists and bands including McFly, WestLife, Osibisa, Mory Kante ,Will Young, Skunk Anansie, Elton John, and Lionel Richie amongst many others.

After years of working with many of the World’s greatest musicians, Isaac has decided to return home to Ghana to dedicate his time, skill and craft to working with local talent. He mentors young musicians to develop and hone their musical and artistic skills. He is a regular resource person for Yamaha, Korge, Roland and Dexibell.

Isaac, through his vast experience with different music genera’s found himself drawn towards a unique musical blend. Isaac has recently released his first solo album, “On a Serious Note”, recorded and produced by himself.  The album is a contemporary fusion of traditional gospel, world music and jazz.

Apart from his skill as contemporary concert pianist and keyboardist, Isaac can function as a music director and he also offers training for worship teams, choral groups and music ensembles in general.

As a composer, he has a demonstrable experience in writing scores/music for Films, TV, Jingles etc.

As an Audio Consultant, Isaac has also served as R&D Consultant and power user for the three major Keyboard Manufacturing Companies.

He specialises in the Design, Installation, Optimisation and Management of audio systems for houses of worship, Schools, Banks and Auditoria.

Obviously, Isaac  Aryee is a music bank whose experience needs to be tapped into as he makes steps to impart his knowledge to others.



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