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Balance Big Dreams with Realistic Goals as a Musician-Part Two

Connecting your goals with your dreams

While they may feel different in our minds, dreams and goals are essentially the same thing – they’re an idea of something we’d like to achieve at some point in the future. While a dream may seem like a far-off fantasy, it becomes more realistic when we connect it to the present through a series of short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

Short-term goals are realistic milestones you can achieve within a few weeks or a few months – things like booking your band at a small venue outside your hometown, or practicing your scales and arpeggios six days a week. A medium-term goal might be achievable within one to four years. This could be something like playing a large venue you’ve always wanted to play or working with a certain producer you’ve always admired. Then there are long-term goals. These might take five to 10 years to achieve – things like opening for a well-known artist or having a song placed in a feature film.

Once you start thinking about long-term goals, you may feel like you’re entering the realm of dreams – and you would be correct. On their own, these long-term goals may sound like impossible dreams, but if you can connect them to where you are right now through a string of short- and medium-term goals, they might just start to feel like they’re within reach.



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