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Meet Dr. Jackie Gyamfi Greene Wife Of Singer Travis Greene

Jackie and Travis met in 2007 at Georgia Southern University while she was in her first year of undergraduate studies and he a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and recent graduate of the university was continuously visiting to support the campus ministry that he was a part of while enrolled. Jackie recalls first seeing Travis at a service held by the campus ministry (Spirit of Truth) where Travis was supposed to minister in song but the lord led him in a different direction that day. Jackie had not known too many young men who expressed a passion for God the way she witnessed Travis do on that day. After the service was over Travis was being social and speaking with everyone. Jackie described their official introduction with Travis approaching her group of friends and asking for everyone’s name to become acquainted. When he asked for Jackie’s name she shared it with him and in a flirting way Travis said the incorrect name which only allowed for a bit more dialogue between he and Jackie so she could correct him.

It was about a month after that introduction at another campus ministry event that Travis shared with the congregation that he was going to marry a woman from Spirit of Truth ministries while making eye contact with Jackie. Jackie was taken back a bit by the comment knowing that Travis was a bold individual to proclaim such a thing. Once again, there was interaction between the two after the service. This time Travis made the first move by taking Jackie’s phone and calling his phone so they would have each other’s number. Jackie describes the early years of their relationship as an on and off cycle until her senior year when Travis seemed to step up the game a bit and get serious about their future. In December of 2011 the two became one in holy matrimony.

On stage at the “Experience 2017” Lagos in Nigeria the artiste introduced Jackie to the crowd. He went further to talk about how blessed it is to marry a lady from West Africa. Though is Nigeria he made is known that Jollof from Ghana is the best.

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