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Successful Relationships Are For Fools – Ogochukwu Nweke

The most successful relationships have been those had by people who were willing to bend over; who refused to be bitter and unforgiving even when they had every justification to be; who were willing to make the appropriate measure of sacrifice to sustain their relationships. We call them fools.

They were foolish people, realistic in their expectations and practical about their approach to issues. They were foolish enough to know that in defining their relationships, they must never run things on their terms alone and must never judge the weaknesses of the people they love from their own points of strength. They were foolish enough to put their relationships before their interests.

They are women who refused to give up on their relationships because of another woman; they are men who agreed to trust and hold even though it seemed that there was no reason to. They are people who not only forgave, but also allowed themselves to heal in order to make loving and being loved achievable again.

Successful relationships happen everyday and they are everywhere. It however cannot be achieved by those who are too smart and unwilling to go the whole nine yards… Only fools can have a successful relationship

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