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Smart $80 ‘condom’ wey get Bluetooth

New condom wey dem just do for UK go tell person wey wear am how dem perform for sex and say whether dem get disease.

Di makers of di first smart condom for di world, British Condoms, don come out with i.Con condom, dia new product wey fit do different-different things wey normal condom no fit do.

i.Con wey go cost $80 when dem release am later dis year no really be condom but na like ring wey person go wear join normal condom and e go fit measure how di performance di person wey wear am be for sex.

Di i.Con condom, di makers say, go get im own sense so tay, e go know if person get STI disease like Chlamydia and syphilis and go sabi di different position wey person use for sex.

According to di company wey make am, over 90,000 people don pre-order for di new condom wey get Bluetooth, USB port, and go adjust size to fit any man.

After person don finish sex, customers go get opportunity to share di information wey i.Con sabi about dem, on top social media as di condom fit connect with im own App on top phone.

British Condoms, wey don dey sell condoms since 1999, first talk about di product earlier dis year.


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