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My last words to the West – Robert Mugabe

Dear white men, U asked us to wear coats under
hot sun, we did;
U said we should speak your language, we have
obediently ignored ours.
U asked us to always tie a rope around our necks
like goats, we have obeyed without questioning.
U asked our ladies to wear dead people’s hair
instead of the natural hair God gave to them, they
have obeyed.
U said we should marry just one woman in the
midst of plenty black angels, we reluctantly
You asked us to use rubber in order to control
our birth rate, we agreed…..
Now U want our MEN to sleep with fellow MEN &
WOMEN with fellow WOMEN so that God would
punish us like Sodom and Gomorrah?
we say No!!
We don’t agree with U this time! Proudly African,
we say a huge NO to GAY relationships and
Now President Nana Addo of Ghana my good friend, I know you are a human right lawyer so when they asked that question on al jazeera you gave a very intellectual answer. However, i tell you this before the decimal point that, Africans will never agree to same sex marriage. Do not forget that majority of are people are polygamists , so imagine a man, married to two women and two men, he might as well add two goats and two elephants.

CC: President Nana Addo

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